1st time help please

Hi, im a first time grower and i got seeds from here (purple hazex3) After planting seeds on the third day the first one showed up, followd by the second on the fifth day but the third never showed. Its nine days pass now and the first plant was growing nice until this morning i found it dry and dead, i dont understand what i messed up :frowning:
I used MH light on for 24h, watered every 12h, fan was on always temp for the whole week was between 82-90f and rh was 27-40.
The first 5 days the light was about 3feet from the plants and then I dropped it to about a foot.ill attach a pic.
Please help me to determine where I messed up. Thanks.

You should have never placed a 400 w MH that close to a sprout. 32" is a general rule. without any other background on your methods, medium etc. Hope this helps.

Thanks latewood.
I am thinking about trying again, but can you recommend me an easier strain for indoors.

Also your temps are a little high. Your roots would do a lot better if you could keep the temps a little under 80*F. You can get away with higher temps if your soil has a good organic microbial/mycorrhizae mix and is well amended for aeration with something like coarse perlite. The heat of your lights can dry out the tops even if your plant’s roots were submerged in hydro and it does look like you toasted your plant with the lights way too close. Be careful not to be over watering, that is the quickest and easiest ways a lot of beginner’s kill their seedlings, the roots really need a lot of air so they have access to a lot of oxygen, the roots will drown easy, kinda like cactus roots if they sit in too much water that is not well aerated and cannabis plants don’t have the water storage in their plant tissues like succulents do, so you do need to be careful the plants aren’t drying out either, especially when its very dry, humidity wise. Purple haze isn’t really a harder strain than any other to grow indoors, however you might want to think about white widow or super skunk as they are supposed to be a little more tolerable to some variables than some strains and have a short flowering period, and shorter time is usually better for beginners, but if you don’t mind longer flowering times super silver haze is also supposed to be a hardy and resilient strain, somewhat similar in flowering time to other haze strains like purple haze.

I like Northern Lights, Jack Herer, Skunk #1, Blueberry, in no particular order. I find Skunk and Blueberry easy to grow. Hell; I have grown all with ease. "D

We propagate and nurture seedlings, 80-90 degrees (commercial greenhouse ops, can propagate as high as 95 degrees); So your temps were not the issue. We also recommend higher humidity at early stages of growth, than in later stages (bloom); Where it is better to run around 40% humidity and 70-80 degrees during light photo period.

One final note: Plants adapt to environment, more than some grow mentors would have you believe; Therefore, this final note will be a good parameter to follow. Regardless of how high a temp you end up with, be more aware of the difference between the hottest point, and the lowest point. try not to have the dark period be an more than 15-20 degrees cooler than the light photo period.

As long as you do not lower your lamp and fry your plants, you will be fine. Little planys can grow right out in the sun, so they can grow under any lamp system indoors. as long as you do not place, too powerful of a lamp right on top of seedlings.

Glad to help, Peace :slight_smile:

Thanks for the advice guys, ill try and keep everything in mind and I think ill go with a shorter flowring time.