1st time grower need advice

i only have a single seed and zero growing knowledge at all

my brain is telling me to put it in some soil outside and just hope for the best but clearly thats not a great idea, any general tips?


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You may find this helpful:



Agree with @MidwestGuy that Bergman’s grow bible will get you pointed in the right direction. There’s also a TON of useful content on YouTube, just search cannabis seed to harvest and a ton of stuff will come up. A few of my favorites are mr. Grow it, Chad Westport, home grow tv, Bill ward and there’s a ton of others.

Since you haven’t popped your seed yet, you might save yourself a lot of headaches and money by researching equipment before you buy any gear. I bought a kit from a budget company before I really knew what I was looking at and had some remorse almost immediately. If I had just taken some time to look around, I could have gotten a much more suitable setup for just a couple hundred bucks more.

You’ve come to the right place to ask questions! Welcome!

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thank you guys for the advice! will be going in on the whole thing starting tomorrow

The light and nutrients are the key to success along with hand tools, PH meter,tds meter etc. It’s easy to spend $ and end up with nothing.