1st Seed sprouted, should I transplant?

White Widow auto, first time grow. It’s sprouted and in small pot with hole in bottom, steady 70 F and Humidity 65 plus. I have 5 gallons bag ready. I just wanted to ask if I should transplant. Using 18/6 light schedule.

Thanks ,
all of you have been really helpful BTW!


Pics or it didn’t happen. lol.


First off BIG SATRIANI FAN!!! Second needs pics SATCH!

Easy there kemosabi, I germinate my auto seeds in a paper towel and put in its final home once a taproot is visible, avoid transplant stress with autos once there sprouted get them in the medium you plan on harvesting from.

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I’m not a big auto fan, but I’m with @Vosnok. It’s best to put them in their forever home right off the bat.

Good luck and happy growing…

For me autos work best in 3 gallon. They spend less energy trying to fill bag w roots and more energy growing up and yes from cracked seed into forever home

Ok I was only trying to be overly careful. At least I can pop it out fairly easy and place it in the same soil it was in Fox Farm. I have a 3 gallon and 5 gallon bag.


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Next time I do auto I’m going to use 3 gallon
Who am I kidding? I’m probably never going to do auto again when Gary gets the chop


Congratulations on the baby. Remember your soil don’t need no feeding for 4 5 weeks