1st plant Auto flower possible Nute burn low ph or combo. To flush or not to flush?

This is my first plant and I have made more mistakes than good decisions at this point. So I have an auto flower about 8 weeks in and I have traumatized the poor thing multiple times from starting it in too small of a container for too long to tearing off some of the roots in the 2nd transplant process right before it started flowering. Now I fear I may have given it too much Tiger Bloom for how big the plant is. I noticed this first 2 days ago and found my water ph had tumbled down to about 4.5 from adding a little more nutrients and forgetting to check/correct the ph again. I have watered with same nutrients and proper ph since then but the problem has slightly progressed. Do I flush or can I just water with no added nutes or maybe with filtered water for a few days? The soil is happy frog from fox farm Thank you for any help!

The dark leaves and tip burning could also come from too much nitrogen. Happy Frog will revert to a pH of ~6.5 with a good flush as well as running your PPMs down. Do you have a PPM meter so you can measure the nute values in your runoff?

Given both pH problems and nute burn, I would flush and feed at low levels on the next watering after the soil drys out again if it were mine.

A note on Fox Farm fertilizers - the feeding schedule that FF advertises is very aggressive and can lead to nute burn, particularly on autos, which are more sensitive to nutes. I feed 1/3 of the FF recommendation and my plants do great. Very few of the growers I know feed according to the FF schedule. It’s just too much.


^^ looks like its getting too much nitrogen. I’d flush and reset.


I do have a ppm and ph meter. I flushed it and ran some tests. The slurry sample was acidic like I thought and I got the ppms to drop significantly. It’s just a little droopy from overwatering now so it’s a waiting game? I was only going at about 1/2 nutes since it’s an auto flower but it’s a smaller plant so I’ll start at 1/4 and try to work up to 1/3 this time?

The meter in your pics aren’t very accurate if thats what your judging your PH with it could still be way off. If you can get a PH meter something like an Apera 20 or better.

I have a vivosun digital ph meter that’s accurate within 1% I figured that was close enough. The meter in the picture is only for rough soil ph estimates and moisture content. Do you think it’s more of a ph problem though? Because I did use fairly acidic water for a day before I remembered to recalibrate the ph on my water after adding more nutrients.

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No but when I saw it I thought if thats what you were depending on for readings somebody should point it out.

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Oh ok I got you. Problem hasn’t seemed to spread anymore since flushing though and keeping proper ph again. Just some minor yellow spreading on one or two leaves so far. Only a couple square cm more of yellowish area. Would you recommend clipping damages leaves or damaged areas of leaves? Non of them hold buds but they are larger leaves

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Since they won’t come back, if it were mine I’d cut them off as they aren’t doing much to promote growth.