1st Grow white Widow Auto Outdoors in Ma

White Widow Plants

2 seeds put in a cup of water on 7/3/20

Tap roots show on 7/5/20

Planted into two pots with Happy Frog soil on 7/5/20

Plants broke through soil 7/7/20

Plants on 7/14/20 one week later

Plants on 7/21/20 - 2 weeks from sprout - one seems to be having an issue . Is it PH related? When I saw this I checked the PH of the tap water I’ve been using , it was at 7.87 I have lowered it to just under 6.5 now. Waddya think?


Off to a great start! Welcome to the forum!

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Thanks @covertgrower One of the girls seems to have an issue, any idea what it may be?

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You have the ph straightened out, and I’m willing to bet that was the issue. The new growth looks good.

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Nice! Thanks!

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Yup like Mr Vert said. PH is the root of all evil… well pH and pests… but thats a diff story…

Welcome to the forum and good luck!

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Thanks @PurpNGold74 appreciate it!


Plants on 8/4/20- 4 weeks from sprout- transplanted into 5 gal grow bags using FFOF.




Can these be going into pre-flower so soon? Man they’re still so small, only about 7 or 8 inches

Doing a White Widow grow in MA also. They flower pretty quickly. Here is my White Widow today, about midway through week 6. Trichomes all over the place.


oops, hit submit too soon. Autoflowers have a very short life and any stress can set them back. There is a timer running and they will start to flower no matter how big they are. Stressors that can interfere with growth include bad PH and transplanting. Seeds should be germinated in their final pot. They will stretch now that they are flowering. Mine gets about 9 hours of full sun a day and doubled in height during the stretch.

Thanks Mobeans , it is what it is I guess!

My two white widows are in week 9 from sprout and 5th week of flower. Notice the odd bud formation on the taller plant And the stunted on the second, that looks like just one big cola. Any one know why that would happen. @Covertgrower @PurpNGold74 @mobeans

Just a phenotype. Might be showing more indica dominance in that one.

I’m thinking I have about 2weeks left?? Tricomes still look clear to me

That would be fairly accurate. Or sooner.

Thanks very much for the input! Appreciate it !