Thoughts on this sorry looking white widow auto

This is my first grow. It’s 9 weeks in since planting the seeds. I have 4 plants total. The one in question is in the back left here

I’ve tested the soil by making a soil slushy and using the Apera ph20, and all four pots had a ph of around 5.8 which I realize is more acidic than what’s ideal, but this is where they were all at from very early on and they have seemed to grow ok. The pot this plant is in seemingly had the best drainage throughout most of the grow, but as of the pst week or so it was always significantly heavier than the others when it came time to water. I figured it was just getting water logged, but I kept watering it anyway which I probably shouldn’t have in hindsight. I also believe I over did it with nutes on this one as I was giving all four plants water with nutes every other day, I would slightly adjust the amount of nutes based on whether their “finger nails” were painted or not, but in general I kept pushing to try to feed more and more which seemingly did more harm than good. The plant to the right of it is starting to have canoeing leaves as well so I’m guessing I will cut back on the nute dose on that one and hope for the best.

Anyhow, at this stage my thought it that I may just harvest this sorry looking white widow within the next couple of weeks. Do you think I’d be better off harvesting it soon vs letting it potentially slowly die in the pot?


I think the ph is your problem there. Try getting it up around 6.4 to 6.5. the leaf pic looks like it could be showing signs of magnesium issue as well which is fairly common at that stage of flowering

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