1st Grow, Auto Seedling Curling Down, Other Dying

Hi All,

This is my first grow, Im using Jack Herer Autos from ILGM. Im also using the 5gal (after transplant) Apotforpot sytstem.

This is about Day 7/8 from when my seeds were planted in jiffy pellets after 24hr soaks. One seems to be completely dying and almost curled over in half. The only thing I can think of is I accidentally knocked this one over a couple days after popping above ground, but that’s it.

The other has its small (1st set) new leaves and cotyledon leaves curled down. I only water by spray bottle once every day/day and a half. After I noticed these problems I tried to stand them up with a toothpick and dome them, but it doesn’t seem to be helping. Any advice for why this is happening and how I can fix it would be much appreciated, thank you!

  • Strain: Jack Herer (ILGM)
  • Method: APotForPot, Jiffy Pellet for seedlings currently, then 5gal pot
  • PH: Haven’t started this yet, was told not super important at this stage, but pH meter is in mail
  • Nutrients: None
  • Indoor: Tent (2x4x5)
  • Lights: ViparSpectra 450W LED (will be getting second light soon), ~28in from seedlings; 24hr light schedule
  • Temps: range: 71-81; currently: 77
  • Humidity: range: 49%-59%; currently: 57%
  • Ventilation system: Yes (basic inline setup)
  • AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier: AC in my house keeps the ten in that range, humidifier in the mail, right now have buckets of water inside
  • Co2: No

I tried to label pictures best I could, if need anymore info please let me know!


Looks like it dampened off, maybe from overwatering?

Are those sitting in water?

Hi @Covertgrower, thanks for the reply, no they’re not sitting in water, I spray them once a day, the jiffy pellet usually looks pretty dry and the container has draining holes, is that much water too much?

I would recommend to dome them instead of spraying them.

Is the soil too compact? It looks pretty tight, might loosen it up for better nutrient access. Also, 450W, where or how close is it. Should be 24" minimum, and since they are so small I would jack it up higher than that, probably 36-48" and see how that does. They may be ‘trying to get away from the light’, although the leaves would then cup upwards. How long have they been in that soil, all 8 days? or were they recently transplanted?

Hi @Ace, thanks for the reply, the light is currently ~28inches away, I will try and move it further away. They’ve been in this jiffy pellet for 8 days as of today, put them in there after a 24hr soak in water

How is your temperature? I germinate-seedling on a plant heat pad. I have it on the same timer as the light, trying to simulate the sun warming the soil. My seeds all sprout less than a week and I remove the heat pad when the girls look healthy and are 14-16 inches tall. Autos and photo sensitive.

Check PH of that 24 hour soak in water. PH should be 6.5-7.5, and no or low ppms, like 100ish ppms would be expected. Probably up the humidity, seedlings & veg should be closer to 70% humidity (dome would do nice, you could construct one with saran wrap and chop sticks or something). What’s that ball on the top of the stem? Edit: is that pic of the seed shell? Seedlings love to be misted, if you haven’t already tried, just mist em with some water.

@KevinG the temperature is normally between 70 and 80F, @Ace humidity is between 50-57%, I’ll make sure to get the humidity up, and yeah that’s the seed shell or whatever it’s called for some reason it hasn’t fallen off yet, I’ve misted them with spray bottle probably once a day but was worried about overwatering

I’ll check pH too when I get meter soon