1st grow. All nodes collapsed

I topped my plants for the first time last week and gave them their first feeding of grow big.

I just gave them another feeding this morning of grow big and some kelp to give them a push but I feel like I’ve done too much and I’ve killed them?

What is the cause for all the nodes to collapse and give up the way they look now. As it’s my first grow I have a lot to learn and I appreciate all advice. Thanks

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How long are you waiting between watering?

I’m not really seeing what you mean by “collapse”. If your referring to the droopy look of it, that looks like over watering to me.

How often do you water? What soil are you using? Are you giving the nutes everytime you water?

Here’s a few general guidelines:

If that’s soil for your medium, only water/feed when the posts feel light (pick them up and feel the weight)…if that’s fox farm soil, it already has nutrients in it, so stick to only watering for first 5(ish) weeks before you start feeding.

Having said that, we need a lot more info to help

Edit: I see your in plastic pots…do you have enough drainage holes?

Yeah it’s the Fox Farm Potting Soil. I’ve only used nutes like twice and that was the last 2/3 weeks. I’ll usually give them like 3 days then give them just water. I used the kelp earlier to give the roots a boost.

Is there anything I can do to help them at this stage?

Looks like its thirsty gonwith just water no nutes this time… food…water water food water water for next 2 weeks

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Thanks for your help, I definately need to keep a consistent watering routine, still a bit confused at this stage of what they need and when they need it

Yeah there’s definately enough drainage holes at the bottom

Fox farms Ocean Forrest and Happy Frog are HOT soils. They have enough nutrients for the
first 4-8 weeks of life. You shouldn’t need any food until they reach flower phase but I’m not sure what your soil mixture is so use your own judgement

I have the Happy Frog soil. I should of done a bit more research on the soil I was using but at least I’ll know for next time :ok_hand:t3: Thanks for the help, would you recommend not feeding it any nutes now until flower or very little?

Zero nutes for at least 1 month.
Water your plant away from the base so your roots have to look for water. Start 4 inches out and slowly make circles for the roots to reach for.

Again, zero nutrients for a minimum of one month.

How I judge if my plants need watering is I sick my finger into the soil up to the second knuckle and if it’s not damp, its time for a drink.

Thanks for your help I appreciate it. I did water a little too close to the base and now I know what happens. I’ll be sure to give that a try and I’ll update the thread in a couple of weeks.

Thanks again

I dont agree with the 0 nutes I like my soil to be a buffer for intermidentin feeding when I’m watering theres still some organic food weather I add food or not I dont like to run the soil dry and then be forced to be 100% on point eith food… you can ride on soil but I like to introduce higher food levels asap instead of make her ride on as little as possible… make sence… both ways work but I think finish line is greater with more food