1st grow, 1st scrog Just a noob postN

That Bruce Banner is a good strain! 3rd seed in a pheno hunt is great though. Starting my new baby Skinny Dip for my next round.

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Fatest damn leaves ever and it comes from a giant list of heavy hitters. One seed, one shot, but it’s going well so far.

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Nice. Hope it does well.

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You guys are really jammin!
Nice work getting her wall-to-wall. It’s a trip watching the colas thicken!
Here’s mine at flower week nine…

Giving my tired old pug some extra pets for you


Week 5
Managed to lay some more down.
Gonna try canna pk 13/14. I’ll put in 1 dose week 6 and that’s all. Would any recommend a last 2 week bud hardener? Or no.
I also have GH florakleen, I was going to use a 2 plus days b4 harvest? Thanks for any help
I’m guessing/ I’ll flower for 10 to 12 weeks with these strains.

8 weeks of flower tommorrow. Everything I read says amnesia haze is 10 plus weeks of flower. I don’t think I’ll make it. Is that normal plants being ready before breeder numbers?
The 2 pics below, at least to me, seem pretty cloudy, and you can see the sugar leaves are heavy amber. I was thinking more a week.

The Bruce Banner buds are fattening up. They are 2 inches across and dense.

I did have an irregular bud. Should be the bottom left in the above picture. And a close up below. Just super orange.idk?


Turned out pretty dang nice!

Looks pretty close to ready, I like a good bit more amber, but thats my preference, most like it just a week or so more than what your pics look like to me.

DO NOT chop anything on my comments, let some of these guru’s chime in! :slightly_smiling_face: