1st Cinderella Jack Grow

New AF strain…supposedly higher THC. We shall see. Ready, set, grow;
5/6, seeds set to soak 12:45PM.
5/7, seeds put in moist paper towel.
5/8, all 3 seeds showing sprout spikes.
5/9, set all in peat pods for rooting.


Good Luck!


Lets see those new babies! Best of luck and happy growing

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I’m hoping to update weekly with pics when the girls pop out of the pods. My wife and I have decided to call them Pixie, Trixie, and Dixie. They currently are in peat pod a grow dome under fluorescent light. Spritzed pods this AM and will check daily for sprouts.


Well, let’s get started with this grow journal. Grow medium will be Nature’s Living Soils “super soil” mixture in the bottom 1/3 of a 5 gallon fabric pot, 1 for each plant. Upper 2/3 will be (don’t hate), Miracle Grow, Performance Organics Container Mix. This is the combination that has served me well for 4 grows. I’m a “if it ain’t broke why fix it” kinda guy. As I was saying this combination has provided very simple water only (NO nutes or chemicals) organic grow consistently each time. The water I use is Ice Mountain 100% Spring Water. Grow space for 3 plants is 2’ X 3’ closet lined with Refletrix bubble pack insulation. Lighting is a 2000W Koscheal LED kept at roughly 12” above the canopy on an 18/6 schedule. I’ve gotten a second Koscheal light for the closet and am excited to see if the added lighting PAR blanket helps with plant and bud size/density. I am a little concerned with the added heat if this space. It will be watched closely.
Since my post this morning, upon checking I found the girls have arrived (4:00)PM. I will post a pic in the next day or 2.
That about sums it up for the beginning of this grow journal.
Some constructive critiques of my journal format would be helpful in allowing me to contribute more effectively to this community.

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Sounds like a solid setup. I agree… if it aint broke…

Im ready to see how Cindy Jack does for you. I know that makes her some kinda back cross but you should find some nice variants of Jack in there

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Birthing pic of Pixie, Dixie, and Trixie.


5/12, all sprout pods transplanted to final pots, domes placed over sprouts, LEDs on 33” above soil.
Spent time making adjustments to room temp and RH. Running lights 24/7 for now. 80F @ 85%RH. Temps nearing 90F noted in closet.

5/14, watered 2C each under domes. Added LED = added heat. Needed to run office AC and increase air exchange in closet. Solved with dual window fan, opened door, and created closable Reflectrix swing curtain.

Circulating AC tempered air top to bottom. Temps and RH below the domes have stabilized +/- 80F and 83%RH for seedlings. PAR at the domes is roughly 300ppfd. Also hung hydrometers in the supply and return air streams. It’s looking like I can regulate good temps and RH thru vegetation. We’ll see, it’s a hot & humid summer coming.
Good growth observed with 2nd set of serrated leaves sprouting.
Advice, comments, and questions are welcome and encouraged.

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Alrighty then it’s been 22 days from seed. All 3 now in vegetative stage. Lowered lighting to 18”above plant tops, removed domes, and reversed air flow thru room to bottom to top. Progress pics below;
Dixie is smallest in this grow group. Don’t know why since all environmental conditions have been kept exactly the same for all.

Pixie is the second largest.

Trixie is the largest and has 5 leaf growth nodes from the main stem. Planning to top this plant in the next couple days.

Comments, questions and advice are encouraged and welcomed.

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I forgot to mention that the PAR readings at foliage tops is roughly 400+/- which is as intense this early in vegetation as I’d like without tempting light burn stress. As the plants begin to spread, I’ll lower the lighting some more and start rotating the pots 90 degrees daily for even distribution thru out the plants.

Defoliated twice since last post. Pics to come soon as flowering starts. All currently is good

Flowering started @ 7 weeks.

Harvest 7/25, results in a week or 2.

This grow is currently in jars curing. 2 week cure ends 8/10

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