12/12 cycle 30 to go?

Started 12/12 on 5/20/19. First inside grow so if I understand correctly in 30 days they will be ready for harvest. Does this sound correct?

What strain is it? Most strains require 8-10 weeks in flower before you can harvest and flower time is started when you see your first pistils, not when you flip the light schedule to 12/12.

Your plant seems pretty far along for only 9 days under 12/12. What @WickedAle said - what strain is it?


Jack Herer autoflower. They started flowering earlier even before I started on 12/12. I did18/6 from 3/31/19 til 5/20/19 about 50 days. Been 12/12 since. My plan was to harvest in 90 days. This is my second grow 1st. inside grow. I got 3lbs. off my 1st grow outside but it took 5 months and a lot more work.


Wait til pistils start receding and then check conditions of trichomes. I like to let them get to about 10-20% amber, but you want them to be at least cloudy prior to harvest.

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