11 Days, seems short and droopy!

First time grow!
Let me start by giving you some info
This is a space bucket grown with a Growstar 300W(120~power draw)
Temp is around 75-80f
Humidity 41-57
Fabric pot
2 pc fans providing airflow
Starting week 3 will be using dyna-gro (grow and bloom)

Things to note:
This is what I get for using “time release/pre furt soil” on day 4 the growth was really dark blue/green so I flushed the pot and new growth looked lighter green. maybe Nitrogen Toxicity because of the soil.

I checked the soil daily for moisture using the 1 knuckle rule. After it still being damp after 5 days i removed the soil from the outer 3 or so inches of the pot so i could add perlite 50/50.

I did a first real watering around the outsides edge of the pot. Watering with PH7 tap water pot runoff water is at PH5 also adding more drain holes for better drainage.

My concern is that the plant seems really short and maybe growth stunned.
should i wait to see what happens or is there a preventive measure i should take?

This picture is taken today at day 11 from sprout.

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5gallon F pot
18/6 lighting

She looks ok ,maybe a mist would help

Mine was super short trust it will grow

Thank you for the feedback
I’m a bit concerned with the PH issue, does it seems off to you?
This sunday will be week 3 and i would like to start using the dyna-gro at 1/2 strength.

Im going to test the ph after mix and maybe it will help offset of the runoff get closer to 7.

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Here is the back of the bag
My Dyna-gro bottle says 7-9-5 could it be that the soil has almost no fert?( i have not used any fert yet)

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When did you last water it?

Thanks for the reply!
Yesterday i watered around the edges about 3 cups.

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At this point I would probably just be watering the whole pot until you get runoff, then let it almost dry out. The best way to know when it is almost dry is to pick up the pot and feel the weight of the pot. Swing it back and forth a little. You get the hand of this as you go, its sort of hard to explain without standing next to you with a pot to demonstrate the difference lol.

I would definitely say you need to fertilize now. Something like Happy Frog soil from Fox Farms is 0.3 0.3 0.05 and last for 3 or 4 weeks till nutrients are depleted.

Highly recommend their soil for your next grow! I have never heard of Dyna-Gro fertilizers… Have you seen people use them for cannabis previously?

Edit: I see some people on the forum have. I don’t know anything about their formula so I can’t really help you there… But yeah you need some nutes. I think your issue with the leaves is either that or underwatering. I am no expert though!

Are you checking pH as well? Edit: I just saw that you are at 7. And getting 5 at runoff. A pH test of runoff water is very inaccurate and cannot be trusted from what I understand. You need to do a slurry test to figure out the pH of the soil.

So if Happy Frog soil from Fox Farms is 0.3 0.3 0.05 and the soil i am using is 0.07-0.04-0.03 that means it has alot less built in fert it could be depleted?

I did have some drain issues at first where the soil would stay wet for a long time. I removed about 60% or the soil from around the edge of the pot trying to be carful of the roots.

edit: im hitting a post limit because im new to this forum…

Edited my last post. Yes that is what I was saying earlier. You should be good to start using nutrients at this point. Oh, start at a lower dosage than what is recommended by the manufacturer. Like a quarter dose. Then move up a quarter from there each application.

Before i start using nutrients im going to address the the low PH problem. Today i was looking close and starting to see some brown/tan spots on some lower leaves. would dolomite lime be a good way to address this low ph issue?

At the start of week 5 veg shes growing like a beast.
I found that after adjusting my fan distance and watering with adjusted ph all my problems were gone.
I am adding nutes every other water at .5 str,
My current grow space is small (2x2x3 tent) so i will be using a net when it arrives.

I have a question for anyone out there!
I just installed a 4inch smell scrubber, it came with a white cloth cover. the scrubber is outside of my pushing air through it. Can i take that cloth cover off of it for better airflow, or is it on there to prevent the charcoal from coming out?