10x10 seed offer

Dj short bb. Last year. I didn’t buy into the hype. So much $$ for his seeds. Finally tried it from a friend that orders the packs. Glad I did. Unreal mold resistance. It got rained on for a month straight in seattle and no mold. Mold resistance is all I select for. This plant was in a class of its own. Pinch me. I bred it to all my keepers last winter. I expect great things.

It’s funny you mention Flo too. I got a male from the same friend a year later when he ran those.

Put the Flo on the BB. Why not


I grow outside, not far from the grower you replied to. He has many White Widow plants and does really, REALLY well outside. I grew Girl Scouts Cookies Extreme last year, and they did well. There were multiple days were temps were +100°f. The vessels you use to grow in can dry out quick, so main concern would be properly watering them as they begin to consume more. I’m not sure if my bags dried quicker from the sun or from the plants. I hope this helps. Good luck and happy growing!

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And coincidentally i am currently growing WW indoors :grinning:. Praise the lord.

So im guessing i should start cloning now? Will have cooler temps around November ( for the flowering phase). That would mean a cycle of around 7 months! Yea?


I have a question on transplanting. Has anyone used the 5” jiffy pot and just cut the bottom out and bury it in the soil. I will be planting gold leaf photos directly into the garden bed.

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That should work ok. I stopped using jiffy pots. They suck the moisture out of the soil and get too flimsy for me. Red solo cups work well.


You’ll have to train her, a lot. That would be around a 16-18 week veg. Lots of topping, cropping and bending. You’ll have a monster!!!


16-18 week veg, how long does this take seed to harvest?

I would suggest you grow a Colombian, Thai, India, or Jamaica Sativa strain next round. They will flower more naturally so close to the equator for you. The white widow may give you trouble outside going right into flower. I bet they flower out anything under 14.5 hours of sunlight. You will want to veg them indoors to a decent height since they are a temperate latitude strain. Outside they won’t veg, they will just sit and bloom. Or alternatively add a supplemental light at the morning and evening a couple hours. Then stop the light when you are ready to bloom.

Or going with clones like you said, take twice as many and just sea of green it outdoor. Those clones are going to flower it up as soon as you stick them out.
At least if you are south of the Tropic of Cancer.:point_left:


I believe he is just calculating about 3 months of the 7 mentioned for flower. The other 4 months would be to veg.

Cannabis goes into Bansai veg holding pattern pretty well. That’s what I would do if I had a long wait. I veg my clones indoor from September to May in 4” starter pot no problem. The trick is dim lights, barely no fertilizers, root binding and keep it 6-8 inches tall. I have kept clones going this way for 17 grow seasons now. This strawberry starburst is in a 1.5 inch strawberry start pot. I Ran out of space and only a small 1.5” pot would fit in the tray. Cut august 1st 2021. Still in the same pot today till spring planting in may. Flowered, pollinated, harvested, and revegged.


I still would bet that northern latitude strains would just flower outside if @N00b is anywhere close to the Tropic of Cancer or further south. Putting it outdoor would be like dropping it into the flower room; and indoors would be the veg room. I would use that to my advantage. Clone mothers inside, and outside SOG it up flowering always. Like autoflowers but more control. Or doing a winter greenhouse run but the sun is still high in angle in the sky.

I chatted with a grower in Columbia that said he had that exact problem with temperate latitude hybrid strains. They would just flower on him. He had to put lights in his green house to hit 15hour on. Or the seeds and clones would go right into flower on him.

For example: Saudi Arabia. Summer solstice is 13h 41min daylight. Winter solstice is 10h 30min daylight. See what I am saying…
@N00b all you said was you are in the Middle East.


Man that’s some knowledge you are spitting. It’s quite a help, i did see the daylight hours during the year and the max we get is 14 hours in the Summers, then its all downhill from July.

Kinda like a 12 12 schedule all year round. I had the same notion to veg them inside for a till August atleast, so that the temperatures cool abit. Then pop them outside. I believe they’ll go straight to bloom too.

BTW i live in Pakistan. Right next to India


Will these do well in the temperatures also? The summers here are 35 Degrees C to 45 Degrees C, and growing on the roof won’t help either i suppose. Lol

The temperature is around the same in August too :smiling_face_with_tear:. But going outdoors in June/ July is just brutal.

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Can someone tell me if this is bud rot?

I don’t see any

I use them and fill the pot with non nutrient potting soil and put the jiffy pot directly into my organic potting mix. by the time the seed has used up its nutrients it has put roots out through the jiffy pot.

Same stain only. I did the grand daddy purp.

Usually takes me an Oz. to be certain. Ill send you my address. :laughing:

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I wish you could share the name I want to try

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north atlantic seed company dot com has sxxxloads of deals. Freebies with every order. Haven’t had an order take over 5 days to my mail box.


Good to know. I’ve been eyeing a couple strains on there.