10ft by 10ft grow space

I have a 10-ft x 10 ft gross tent, with just five plants right now. My question is what kind of light setup should I have I feel like I’ll need a new one because right now I have the vivosun AW200SE with fan.

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I’m kinda surprised you don’t have any recommendations yet. These guys all seem to know their lights pretty well. I have some notes but you’d likely not be able to read them. It all is going to depend on how much usable light reaches your canopy. Anyway, from what I gather most manufacturers inflate their numbers to get sales and without all the scientific equipment you really can’t make a determination on your own. So I just use that little 2 prong light meter and make sure all the tops of my plants show in the green. I guess with a 10x10 you would maybe have to see about getting 2 lights so you’d have more room to make adjustments to each. I know none of this is helping, but hey… I tried.

I was thinking of getting this as well to get more coverage

If you utilized the whole footprint, you would need about 4,000 watts. Or if you do it by plant, about 1,000 watts. Typical watts per sq. ft is 35-40 and watts per plant is about 150-200.

As for set up, I would buy 1 main light and 1-2 supplemental smaller ones you can raise and lower for plants at different stages.

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My flower room is a 12x8 and i have


So pushing around 1800 watts. Ive had 17 plants in there at one time.


Plan on 40 true watts per square foot.


I want a 10x10 grow space :frowning: but will my wife let me get 4 HLG Tomahawk 720’s and a full blown AC Infinity system for the environment? Noooooooo. :triumph:

But that is what I would do for a 10x10. That much space, I’m ballin out. Don’t skimp.


My wife bout croaked when she found out how much i initially spent building my setup. 2 years later and its paid for itself tenfold.