10 White Widows Indoors in Coco

Got 10 White Widows seeds in the mail today. 10 days from Amsterdam to SoCal! Yeah!

They’re all soaking …

Good luck mate . I will be keeping an eye on this .

Thanx RJ. I already got their 1st home ready to go!

Hmm. No pics. Have to work on that …

1st Home.

One more try!

1st Home

I give up! :-?

OK. That worked. Looks like we don’t need no stinkin’ Photobucket … :mrgreen:

I’m calling “Day One” from when I received the seeds, so we’re closing in on the 1st week … and I couldn’t be happier. I got Sprouts !!

10 for 10. 100% germination! I just followed Robert’s Instructions. It was easy.

But now I’m agonizing over when to feed and water. I’ve been spraying twice a day but I can tell they’re still losing water from evaporation because I weigh them. 130g dry, 320g soaking wet, and they’re at 240g right now. This is like half way to dry! … I dunno … :roll:

Altho I don’t know why I’m worried about it. They say you can’t overwater coco. I should just soak 'em!

Nutrient wise I’m thinking the seed has enough on board to get started. But when are they gone? My tapwater is typically 135ppm so there’s some minerals … but I just don’t know.

So I’m open to any and all input and advice. This is my 1st time around the block with seeds and so far I’m liking them. A lot !!

BTW, you can over water coco and still drown your roots, but it sounds like you are giving plenty of time between watering to keep the roots healthy.

You will want to start feeding it with something after it has developed a few sets of true leaves. Your water will be highly lacking in the macro nutrients, most drinking water has nearly zero nitrogen (high nitrogen is usually a sign of things we don’t want in drinking water like a biological or sewage contamination) and very low levels or phosphorous or potassium. It might be packed with calcium but the other minerals like zinc, iron, and copper will also be very low.

Thank You for that perfectly logical answer MacGyver. I never thought about it but, No, we don’t want no Nitrogen in the drinking water!

They’re looking kinda skinny tho. Is this normal?

FWIW, they’re all between 1.0 and 1.5 inches high and have 1 pair of true leaves.

My seedlings look just like yours, so I would say ya they look dam good to me…lol


Looks like you are on your way, And; BTW. I cleaned up your thread a bit. :slight_smile:

Yup, that looks mostly normal. Make sure the light is close enough or intense enough to prevent stretching without burning or harming the plant and you should be good to go. Seedlings can also benefit from a light breeze kind of stirring them around a bit, gently. This encourages CO2 uptake, by moving air past the leaves, and rigidity and thickness in the stems from the gentle “stirring” or shaking. Also one last thing to keep an eye on with coco is a magnesium deficiency, often indicated by red or purple appearing in the stems, Coco may need extra magnesium or a cal/mag supplement added, unless it is the more expensive type that has already been infused with calcium and magnesium. Some strains do show red or purple with almost no stress at all, so I wouldn’t worry too much about the color of this seedling’s stem this soon. At this point just keep an eye on it and if you have already compensated for the magnesium or are already aware of this concern when using coco, you shouldn’t have any problems.

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I’ve been down that Cal/Mag road. I’ve never needed it in veg before, but I had 4 yellow crops in a row out of the bloom box because of it.

Slow learner. <- :-?

2 Weeks in and all seems to be well.

They’ve had aged tap water 3 times with the most recent being yesterday. Everybody’s got a 2nd set of true leaves beginning to form.

I’m happy! :mrgreen:

How exciting…I’m finishing up my first plant…seeing those first “true” leaves is awesome. It seems like yesterday mine was that small and now it’s up to 3ft.

How is your grow? Just letting you know that we got the support forum back up and running, and we can resume your discussion. Sorry for the long wait, and any inconvenience you have endured, Peace

Can’t wait to see what you have achieved in the last 3 weeks :slight_smile:

pH at 5.8 with coco and that should eliminate the purpling. I realize this thread is older but people looking for useful info will still read it as I have.