10 day Seedling leaves curling downwards


The seedlings are a total of 10 days old. First they were doing well in 2 inche pots with the LEDs about 9 inches (At this point i had only one 150 W light on them) from the canopy and hence the roots hits the bottom of the seedling pots in 5 days.

When the roots hit the bottom i transplanted the seedling to 1.5 gal fabric pots (Gonna try the SCROG method) and moved the lights (Now i have two 150W lights on them) to 12 Inches. Thing is the seedling directly center of the lights is curling new growth downwards.

Compared to the one not smack center

Question being is the light too much? I’ve moved the lights up to 15 Inches from the canopy now.

I don’t see any problems. Looks fine. A cannabis plants will pout from time to time.


Its been 10 days since i transplanted, no new growth in sight?? I think they are stunted

Pale and stunted.

I cant seem to find the problem:

  1. They were doing just fine in 2 inch pots with the light about 10 Inches from their canopies.
  2. Soil mix is: 2.5 parts coco, 2 parts normal soil, 0.5 part organic compost. Soil mix is the same in the 1.5 Gal pots (currently residing in) as was in the 2 inch pots. Maybe a dash more of organic material.

Watering is not an issue, i bottom water with fabric pots.

I’m thinking its one of the three issues:

  1. Too much light ( same seedlings under x2 lights now)
  2. Too many nutrients? But the soil mix is the same
  3. These seeds came out of cured buds, but if they germinated they’re good to go no?

Please shed some light, 10 days and no noticeable growth something is definitely wrong.

I’m like @MidwestGuy IMO, your plants are doing just fine. The reason you don’t see any growth is because they are growing underneath the soil. Roots are getting established. They will take off slowly. Give it time. Don’t try to rush this process.
Keep’em growin!
Good luck!

Hope so my friend, it’s just that all these pics on the internet, plants 2 weeks old have multiple nodes, kinda bums me out when i look at my scrawny seedlings with just a set of true leaves handing :neutral_face:


I can guarantee you, there are tons of folks that say their plants aren’t growing. You’d be surprise how much we hear that. Your not alone. :v::+1:t2::sunglasses:


This look normal?

Good luck man. I’m struggling myself with my first grow and I’m about 18 days in.

This guy has been struggling. I totally overwatered at first, and then overcorrected and underwatered maybe. This was on Saturday

Taken this morning and improving hopefully. I’ll be “rooting” for yours to improve as well! :slight_smile:

No. Those are nute burned. Are you using Miracle Grow soil?

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One thing that might help is not watering directly on the stems or base of the plant.

Maybe try watering about 3” from the stem around the plant. @N00b @ThermoNukePanda

So like no water within 3" of the stems for now? This is my first grow and I’m pretty dumb haha

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If you water away from the stem, it encourages the roots to search for the water.

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Bingo bango bongo… looks like I know what I’ll be doing once I let this recent water dry out haha

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No its just a mix of yard soil from my yard, organic compost and coco. In the ratio 2:0.5:2.5.

I removed one seedling and took a look at the roots, just as i expected no root growth, its like the seedlings have rejected the transplant medium entirely.

Now i’ve removed one seedling to simple coco, and fed it some liquid nutes, lets see if it bounces back?? Fml

Repotted into straight coco, fed nutes (minimun dose). The above pics show 10 day root growth from transplantation…seems like they were just sitting there. They didnt take to the medium at all…


@Covertgrower @MidwestGuy @CMichGrower
Can y’all help a brother out or at least point him in the right direction. Not sure on the soil and specifics here.

They’re at that point where they trying to develop the canopy, and roots. Once they spend more another week or two in their medium, you’ll see roots. This what I call the “stall phase” they’re don’t really do a lot, but after they get a couple more leaves, they’ll make a lot of roots.
Don’t worry it’s normal, and a lot of people post the same thing at this stage.


Did u take a look at the seedlings above? Burnt looking and all? That supposed to happen when they stall?

Hey @N00b I think those look like they might have gotten to much light, they’re pretty tender as babies

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