1 or 3 plants is the question?

So the tent is 32"x32". First grow was 3 plants that produced 4.5 oz. A friend grew a single plant and produced the same yield in a same sized space.

So the question is…what drives yield the most? Will more plants produce more in the same space? Or are seeds just being wasted as one plant will do?


If you wanted to do different strains then I would do multiple plants. But if they’re the same strain, I’d just fill the space with one plant.


Will I get approx same harvest either way?

Yeah, you could potentially get more and only have one plant to tend to.


I think it is more related to time than number of plants in a specified space.
More plants in a 3x3 for example will veg for a shorter period of time than one large plant. The yield is probably very close.


I tend not to go over two bushes :grin: in my 4x4 they well get huge with right lighting etc. And it’s easier to maintain just two. Expect four ozs or more per plant. :grin::v:


I’ve got 4 going in a 32x32. 3 - 2 week old photos, and an auto that sprouted 2 days ago. I may not be a smart man, but I’m not that bright either!

I have the space and gear to pull the auto out if need.

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I can pull a pound (usually more) from a 3x3 tent with 1 plant, 4 plants, or 9 plants. 9 plants (SOG style with clones) will do it faster than 4 plants and 4 plants will do it faster than 1 plant. More plants, less veg time, same yields.


One plant for sure using that big pot if u were using three gallon pots u could have two

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I would never grow just 1 plant. I’d fit 2 different strains and go from there.

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