Zinc Deficiency.. What are some good fixes anyone?

Basically what the title says guys I found out why my plants are so short, were yellowing and burning at the tips. Basically Its a zinc deficiency from my water being too filtered. SO does anyone know a remedy for this or a product they can suggest or maybe something I can use to supply some zinc to my ladies…
Thanks for all input!

Zinc is referred to as a Micro-Nutrient.

Depending on the brand of nutrients, most all of the two or three part nutrients have zinc included in their nutrient list. There are several on line stores that carry just the chemical that you need that you can add to your nutrients.




Hope this helps. Jerry


Awesome! Thanks Jerry I was literally looking up other supplements when you sent that like this one:

That helps a ton my friend! Thank you


I always had to spray zinc solution on the ground under my avocado trees when I was growing. They deplete the zinc and you have to replace it to get fruit. Bought it by the gallon at my local farm supply store.