Your back!

Hey guys, knew it was just a matter of time.
Glad to have ya back. Hope everything is worked out.
Well I finished my grow so I thought I would post my numbers. I will not be doing another grow until we move as the cops came by the night of harvest due to the smell. So I’m going to wait till we move later this year. Anyway the numbers are as follows, with a caveat that I harvested the ww way to soon. With that being said the ww was 1 3/4 oz. That’s total weight. The bud was a little over an ounce with .7 oz in shake or sugar leaf. The og kush though was a little different. The bud from both plants was 3.9oz. The shake came in at 2.7oz. Total weight was over 9 ounces for the 3 plants. The reason I use ounces instead of grams is my scale doesn’t show grams.
So there’s my numbers with ILGM seeds and ILGM nutes. I know beyond a doubt that when I do my next grow I will easily double that amount.
Very happy to see that you guys are back and thanks for all the help and advise. I can’t wait to start up again and see the results. Take care

Yeah, we got the support forum back up and running. Sorry for the long wait, and any inconvenience you have endured, Peace

Look forward to your next grow :slight_smile: