Yellowing on the bottom leaves

I over watered the other day, and noticed what appeared to be algae on the top layer of soil, I removed the green stuff, layered paper towel on top of the soil to remove excess water, and now I have yellowing on the bottom leaves, is this from over watering, algae, or not enough nitrogen? I’m using Ocean Forest soil from Fox Farms and purified water that’s PH balanced. Other than that the plants seem to be doing well, any help is appreciated.


By pH balanced, is that per labeling, or you’re pH’ing it to 6.3-.8. Just checking what we got here. Also, purified water, if it has 0 or near 0ppm, can’t be pH’ed without something added to stabilize it. Calmag is usually the go-to for soil growing. Once added, pH can be adjusted.

Another note, the first plant can go into a bigger pot/bag and buried really far up the stem. It will produce more roots, and also help avoid her falling.

Less water. A few ml’s every few days at their size is fine. They like a wet/dry cycle in soil.

Before you move them into their new homes, fill the weight of the bag of pots you use. That is the dry weight. IMHO, it’s easier to use the weight versus sticking your finger in or just guessing when they’re thirsty.


Welcome to the community Growmie, great advice from @Borderryan22 :love_you_gesture:


Thank you, PH balanced according to label (company) I get my water from, buy I read reversed osmosis water doesn’t work as well I thought, and the dechlorinated tap water is better, buying a PH tester today.

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