Yellowing leaves on week 7 autoflower

I am on week 7 of my second grow, and a lot of leaves are turning yellow rapidly and I have a few rust spots on one or two leaves. Any idea what I’m doing wrong?

Been getting burnt tips for a while now

Blueberry gusto autoflower

Fox farms happy frog soil

Light is tsw1000 run at 75% about a foot and half above canopy

Feeding fox farms trio at 1/3 strength

(Last feeding was 15ml bb, 10 ml gb, 13ml tigerbloom all in 2.5 gal)

Watering every other feed,

ph 6.0-6.3 for feeding and watering

Feed/water every 2 or 3 days



Low stress trained during veg

Light defoliation every now and again

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Add some Cal-Mag on water day for the rusty spots. Also check runoff PPM number may need to pick up the feed. :v::+1:

I was curious about adding more food, excuse my ignorance but wouldn’t adding more food be harmful since I’m already getting burnt tips?

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It’s normal to get some yellowing leafs at the bottom of the plant but you’re a little early in flowering stage for that to be happening. That’s why my frist thoughts was check the PPM run off number . I like to feed when it gets below 1000 ppm. Overall your plants look good.


Literally just went to the store and got cal mag. You said to add it in on watering days and not food days?

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Personally , I add cal-mag on water day but you can do it either way. Go with the full recommended dose.

You are awesome definitely will add cal mag next, thanks for the response!

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crank it up to 100% unless your following the DLI bit … if the yellowing leaves are in the bottom i think your in good shape the burnt tips don’t look excessive … id get more experienced opinions before adding anything to the mix u might have a different difficiciency … I aint no pro but ive ben around the block a couple times … i know enough to be dangerous

@kellydans added cal-mag 5 days ago and seemed the help with the yellowing, at least for a little while, looked in the tent yesterday and saw more yellowing so I gave it another dose of cal mag with its food, still yellowing really fast any clues to what I have going on?

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Still have a few weeks to go to finish up. It is normal to have yellowing leafs at the bottom of the plant in middle to late flowering stage. Are you at full dosage on feed an watering to 20% run off.

Watering at half dose right now and Yeah watering to run off

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Have you checked PPM runoff. That will let you know if you need to bump up feed a bit. Flowering stage i feed at about 1000 PPM.

Haven’t checked yet, have a meter but never really knew what to do with it or anything, just put it in the run off and check ppm? No clue about ppm haha

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Its also great to measure the nutes when mixing feed. To use meter place in run off an read number. My phone service is bad at this location. I will touch back tomorrow.

Ok, give that meter a test run Maybe start an check your tap water frist . Then add half dose to one gallon of water to check PPM. Overall plants look good we’re going to get them to the finish line.