Yellowing leaves at the bottom of the plants

They are outdoor plants about 9 weeks old. The bottom leaves are turning yellow on all 12 plants. The rest of the plant looks healthy but not dark green. This picture is the worst leaf, the others are not as bad and without bite marks.


Probably a natural die off. Lack of sunlight, or many other reasons. @jaxn


Thanks for your reply Covertgrower. They are still in veg, do outdoor plants have leaves that die off during veg? My indoor plants don’t. They get full sun for 8 1/2 hours a day so that’s not the problem. It has been very hot and humid here (Maine) 90’s all week, 97 today 80% humidity. What other reason?

Mainer here too! I’d go with @Covertgrower reply- I had some dead/dying lower leaves I removed because they clearly where not getting sunlight. Grasshoppers have also been a bane of mine recently…

Yellowing leaves from bottom up can be a sign of nitrogen deficiency or lockout too. I’m not really sure how your grow is setup though. If they are in pots you could grab some runoff and check ph and ppm to get an idea if either apply.

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A picture of the whole plant would be most helpful getting the over picture of plant health. @jaxn


Here is the whole plant pictures. I gave them a little fish fertilizer in their water two days ago to try to add nitrogen. It was Alaska Fish Fertilizer with 5% nitrogen. So far no change

The existing leaves will always be yellow. Look for new growth, and should be the proper color. @jaxn

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Thanks Covertgrower. I remove the yellow leaves and a day or two later there are more yellow leaves. Is the Alaska Fish Fertilizer good for adding niotrogen or should I try something else.

bigdaddyflex, I’m in Stow. Stow borders Fryeburg on the NH border

Your probably 40 mins from me, woohoo for locals! :smiley:

Your ladies look great - sending growers blessing!