Bottom leaves getting yellow on one plant

all of my outdoor plants are doing well, except for this one which is a little further east than the others.
The new leaves come in nice and green, but I am noticing yellow on the lower leaves. Not sure if it’s too much water too hot wind I don’t know, but here i

s a photo.

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It is normal for a plant to shed its lower leaves as it matures. They will eventually fall off.

Your plant looks healthy. Welcome to the forum.


Agree normal…i pluck them when they get yellow. Nic plants, Welcome to the group!

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Me neither.
I do know that my outdoor plants get high winds.

I stake one out, usually.

Welcome and good growing to you.


Thanks for the responses. I wouldn’t have been worried but all my other plants are all green. This is the only one that’s has yellow leaves? thank you I did pluck the yellow ones off. It’s been pretty hot and humid here. I might give them some nitrogen but all I have coffee grains right now. I keep my plants pretty camouflaged surrounding them with other flowering plants, but it is legal here now… just don’t want any attention to them

Your plant is fine and what you are seeing is perfectly normal, regardless of what the other plants are doing.