Yellowing/dying shugar leafs on unripe buds

Anyone had this issue? plant is definitely still alive and well into few days short of week 11 of flower 12 plus days flushing buds looking fantastic but not quite there the pre98 bubba is know to be a procrastinator bit worth the weight. Yet the shugar leaf’s are now beginning to be devoured by the plant even though the buds still aren’t quite there with white pistils. Don’t want to negatively effect the look of my buds with brown spots on the buds but don’t want to yank premature apparently after 11 weeks the bubba is at its peak. At this point to late to avoid yellow, should I just wait to my original date and try to trim it out or should I schedule to tank it sooner if it risks greatly hurting the buds look

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Some of those yellow leafs probably just fall off if you give them just a slight pull , also got a little foxtailing going on. Have you checked your runoff PPM ?


I have only been feeding molasses and water been flushing last two weeks we are on week 11 as of today and my water is coming out clean definitely haven’t given any nutes in a minute

That’s what happens when you flush, plants consuming itself.
What’s the humidity in your grow tent?

With all those white pistils I think you jumped the gun on flush and are going to pay for it now.
What’s your run off ppm in your soil?

@Nicky My humidity I’ve gradually brought from the 60 to a low 40s now u was told 8-9weeks flowering so planned to end second week of flush on week 11 was trying to give plants wiggle room but obviously not. Update some of the shugar leaf’s have life back in them but I just realized THERE IS NO FAN LEAFS. Doesn’t that stop the buds development maybe that’s it??

It doesn’t look dead though it confirmed it today that there’s a lil green back in some almost brown yellowed sugar leafs

@Bman88900 update from what we talked bout yesterday. Any changes in yours? I think I’m going to keep it going another week now

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Your fan leafs are mostly for growing so don’t sweat it, I trim all mine off at the last week or two anyway.

Just keep trucking along, watch those pistil hairs and those tricombs.

If my thrichs are good should I wait for pistils as well?

Tricombs are a sure sign, just make sure your checking multiple bud sites around the plant to build a general idea. Pistil hairs more or less tell you when to start looking at tricombs.

I suggest a USB microscope so that you can post your tricomb bud shots to ensure your eye is seeing what our eyes are seeing.

Any day now bud . Tried a small tester nug and got faded so I’m thinking any day now

I say definitely give her another week .