Yellow leaves at bottom of 5 week old plants

How can I fix yellow leaves a d drooping?

It’s either going to be nitrogen deficiency since it’s yellowing from the bottom up or it’s nutrient lockout due to pH levels out of whack also could be due to overfeeding nutrients but usually you will see signs of burnt tips more info would be needed on what soil you’re using and watering schedule pH testing results

Given the PH is ALWAYS 7.0 and I water only when needed like every 2 days approx!? I’m using foxfarm potting soil. Once a week I give them a small shot of fox farm liquid plant food(4 tblsps per gallon of water. It has no nitrogen. I do give them miracle gro for tomatoes once a week at one scoop per gal of H20

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Given the PH is ALWAYS 7.0 and I water only when needed like every 2 days approx!? I’m using foxfarm potting soil. Once a week I give them a small shot of fox farm liquid plant food(4 tblsps per gallon of water. It has no nitrogen. I do give them miracle gro for tomatoes once a week at one scoop per gal of H2

with Foxfarm happy frog you do need to supplement a little bit maybe once or twice during Veg and again on set of flowering but with ocean forest from fox farm it doesn’t need any nutrients during the veg because the soil is so hot full of nutes ocean forest does require at least one dose during flowering of bloom nutes and Cal Mag if ur using distilled or R.O. Water. Best practice is test water run off in beginning of veg with ppm meter and when that # drops 30% it’s time to feed , also make sure u let soil dry out between waterings, I actually let it dry to the point that the leaves just start to droop and I have great success! Good luck always better to under feed than over feed is the best advice I can ever give

I also forgot to mention in my email it’s better to keep ph as close to 6.2-6.5 as possible 7 is right on the edge and nutes can’t get absorbed

Yeah I have PH down coming From amazon. How do I mix it and apply to my pots?
So in short the reason why the yellow leaves is due to over fertilizing? Too much good stuff? Some leaves are also brown at the tips and damn near crispy? I do the 2 knuckle check for water. Index finger goes in soil up to the 2nd joint and if it bone dry I water. I will try your way though!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH MY FRIEND! I REALLY APPRECIATE YOUR KNOWLEDGE AND FRIENDLY ADVICE! I don’t ever use marijuana in any form but GOD DAMN I LOVE GROWING IT! ITS BECOME ADDICTING LIKE AN OBSESSION! ALWAYS LEARNING ABOUT THIS PLANT! People like you make it easier for me! I have 13 different strains&45 plants growing right now!! :v:t2::muscle:t2::+1:t2::hushed:

Thanks again!

I forgot to mention that I read a lot about dolomite lime? So I bought some! 5lb box of it!! Its suppose to be really good for the plants but it brings the PH up so I haven’t used it yet. I got some great white bacteria for the roots and applied it today at half a tsp per gal of H20. Have you ever heard of it?

My secret weapon “great white” it is the best shit!!! I learned though if u use high sal based(synthetic) nutes like miracle grow it can kill the little bugs that breakdown all of the nutes. Great white double dose , fox farm happy frog 70%, perlite 30% = my veg soil. Same for flower except I switch fox farm happy frog with ocean forest. Just one transplant from veg to flower and I might give nutes for veg but usually only bloom and it’s at most twice and I have been using distilled water so u have to add cal mag cuz tap water has those minerals. I’m just like you just grow for fun and make moms meds. Hope I helped out, even in my 10th harvest still plenty to learn so if u have success with something please let me know! C-ya M520

Wow, 13 genetics on hand that’s impressive, if u ever cross pollinate let me know , but I’m to scared to go that route. I had to give u props for that and 45 isn’t to shabby either. I only have 4 different types of girls and couple of each. By the way the Dolomite can really effect ph like u said so start extremely little amounts . C-ya M520

A prebuffered soil can handle watering at 7 pH like clockwork. So it’s not the water or happy frog to blame. The great white being added will fix all the issues. Would also look into recharge.

For what I usually see lime used for though I’d add horitculture charcoal to the bottom of my pots. Something I myself intend to do in future indoor soil grows. Nice barrier.

Damn bruh! You know your shit man! I’m learning A LOT from you! Thank you! Also, I have well but I’ve heard that well water is the best!?

Thanks again!

As long as it’s not ruined by near by farm water runoff or limestone. Generally though. Well water is great. Best to have it tested, buy a completely test kit from local farm store. Like tractor supply of whatever y’all got. One time check, less than $100 usually.

Lime can be salt heavy and farm run off can have nitrogen so high it’ll burn the plants in veg.

So you don’t use any of the foxfarm liquid fertilizers? (See attachment) I’ve had great results using these as directed. It’s all given at low dosages per gal of H20 at once a week during all stages. Switch from one to the other. IVE BEEN TRYING OTHER STUFF THIS TIME AROUND like “GREAT WHITE” for one example. Just put half a teaspoon of GW in a gallon of water last night and watered them so I’m curious when it’ll take affect? I still have to put my girls in there forever home but they aren’t big enough yet. I know a dude that germinates in his forever home and he’s on this site too!


Thank you! I assume my well water is good? Now you have me paranoid? LoL! It’s what I drink etc…with. but I would be interested to see what the test results are???

I MISS TRACTOR SUPPLY. Had one out in western Pennsylvania when I lived there. Nothing like that BELIEVE IT OR NOT here in iowa of all states LOL! I think tractor supply is a east coast thing? IDK? I just wish there was one here in iowa!!

Thanks again!

You probably have a Menards or big R. I have a tractor supply here in Indiana and I had one in Minnesota. Lol. Guess you got caught in the middle on that one.
Even the Lowes option says it will tell you what you need to know at $30.

Yep menards it is! Hahaha

I use fertilizer’s but I didn’t have a great run with FF line . It could have been something else that caused the grow to turn out sub-par but I blamed it on the nutes. I like botanicare ,dyna-gro and great white. It takes great w. at least a week or two to start breaking down the nutes then u will start noticing a real difference at 3-4 weeks plants love that stuff. Also , if u ever transplant it’s good to sprinkle 1/2 teaspoon in the wet hole u made for plant .

One trick that really helped me was to have one girl as a check for when u r doing something wrong . If the one plant w/only 6.2 ph water is out performing others u know it’s too much nutes or vice versa. It always helps me. Just a thought. Later, M520

Dude awesome advice! THANKS! I DON’T LIKE TO TRANSPLANT AT ALL! I’m thinking of putting the germinated seed right in the 20 or 25 gallon organic pots but damn that would look funny huh!? Haha!

I was always curious about those products you use on your plants. I’m excited about the great white. I just got 2 tons of good black iowa dirt delivered and want to create the best soil medium I can so any help would be welcomed!?

Thanks again.