Yellow leaves at bottom of 5 week old plants

Wow, I’m jealous is it real black gold from Iowa? Cuz I know a major retailer named black gold and it sorta sux and it’s made in Canada. Make sure u put lots of white shark in whatever u get let it sit lightly moist in a cool dark environment for 2weeks prior to use and u will love the results. Another tip I wanted to share , for CO2 I found an inexpensive way to get plenty of gas for my ladies. I will attach a pic it covers 16 sqft if enclosed (grow tent). For soil an old timer taught me wat he said were the only 2 things I would need to do for great outcomes was 1st,the ppm meter trick of testing run off in beginning and when it drops 30-50% then add nutes and again if needed every time just give it the nutes for what ever stage of growth it’s in 2nd flush soil once every 3 weeks with 6.2-6.5 plain water and if it’s 5 gallon pot use 5 gallons of water. I do these two things and have better success than when I don’t so just a thought later, M520

YOU BET ITS REAL GOLD! I LIVE IN IOWA AND IT WAS DELIVERED BY A FARMER 10 MINS from my house! Ya cant beat good ol fashioned iowa dirt! $100 for 2 tons! I start getting so excited about all the kick ass products I end up killing my plants! I’ve found that they grow so much better if you neglect them a bit!? HAAHA!

Thanks again!

So true , I am going to Ida Grove, Iowa for my wife’s family reunion I wonder if they would think I was crazy bringing a carry on full of dirt! Haha! M520 by the way my inlaw said they have wild cannabis or maybe hemp growing along sides of the roads , is that true!

DUDE IT IS TRUE! Matter of fact I had 3 of my girls become pollinated from the wind due to “Ditch Weed” I was so pissed man. Had 3 very nice gelato plants growing and they became filled with seeds! Zombie weed! Its nasty scraggly looking shit! I remember as a kid we were so excited when we found it in the ditch we even tried smoking it of course we didn’t know what the hell we were doing it was so full of seeds! But we smoked it like champs man! I remember the seeds popping and everything else! God that was nasty!! LOL! We used an old beer can or pop can as the “pipe” hahaha! We were dumbass kids what can I say??? LOL!!!

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That’s crazy, if we had ditch weed around when I was a kid I guarantee I would have done the same shit . When u don’t have anything else to use the can does the trick , we would take our time poking perfect holes so not to clog and carb it, man good ol’ days!
I’m excited I got my wedding cake fem 8 pack today. Only $42 includes shipping from seed fair if u ever need any. Get 3 and if u send cash u get 5 free and I have never had any issues. Later,M520

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Thanks man. I just recieved OGGF and this newer kind out called banana something. It was #1 on the 10 most popular strains of 2021. I’ll send ya a pic. ITS ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL WHEN IT BUDS!

Banana blaze! Isn’t she pretty!?

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