Yellow-green leaves

So the ladies arent in crisis or anything, i dont think. They arent as vivid green as id like them to be though. The one still has issues at the ends of 2 of her lower leaves but otherwise isnt bad.

Multiple of them now have upper leaves that arent yellow, but are like a lighter greenish yellow color.

Should i be worried? Any thoughts on how to make them greener?

Also, they seem small to me. With the exception of the 2 littlest ones, most of these started germinating august 3rd. Should they be lots bigger? Did i stunt them? If so, can they still grow up ok?

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By waiting a few days. New growth is always a lighter color of green because chlorophyll has not has time to establish itself in the newer growth.

They only need a few ml of water a day at this point. Be careful to not overwater. Overwatering will slow growth.


So far they have still been getting basically no direct water. Theyve been progressing under the domes so i left them there and only spraying the domes. I was worried i might be neglecting growing roots though so today they got a tiny bit of water on the soil. I was wondering if they were light colored because they are new growth, but was thrown off by a couple of them having very green new leaves.

What soil are you using?

They are in an all natural seed starter i got from amazon. (Peat moss, perlite, worm castings, coarse sand, coco coir and lime) They will be going into happy frog next.

Brand and type, please? It can be important.

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Brand is soil sunrise. Ingredients: Peat moss, perlite, worm castings, coarse sand, coco coir and lime

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Transplant them, usually plants need to be bigger and better developed, but seed starter is for starting seeds, not growing them. Once transplanted to Happy Frog they will take right off.