Y dos not it look like the picture not one

These are gdp from ilgm auto bro not one looks like the picture



Try dropping temperatures. Temp differential of 15 between lights on and off. How many light hours are you running?
I would be very happy with those flowers. They look great, nice and full etc.
I would strip the lower leaves and thin it out. This has nothing to do with color, more to do with good practices


Like @beardless said. Here is a GDP Feminized photo I’m growing right now


I would be happy with those huge flowers and besides is the purple colour going to get u more stoned i dont think so you should really happy with ur grow bro forget the colour


I have the opposite where my white widows should look like your pics, but they turned black/purple

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Out of all twenty I green one I liked so kinda annoyed


The environment a plant is grown n will have a massive impact on the end results. Same strains can taste vastly different n have completely distinct effects. Besides growing techniques used this difference mostly comes from one thing, genetics. N genetics there is distinctive difference between genotype and phenotype. Genotype is the actual genetic code of any type of organism. It maps out how that organism will grow, r at least what the potential options r. From there the environmental conditions determine how the plant will actually turn out. Phenotype is the physical expression of this genetic makeup. Phenotype is determined by genotype. Smell, taste, odor, shape, n potency (specifically with regard’s to the amount of resin being produced) is the phenotype at work. Imho ur ladies look wonderful. N they all look the same rolled n a paper.


That’s some beautiful bud


I understand your frustration… But @beardless is correct.

Environment is huge with getting the colors… I was disappointed to learn my buds were not going to turn out like the blue haze pics on their website.

However, after some experience and studies… Starting from seed you will always have variations from one seed to the next. Some traits of the mother some of the father or both…

On top of that each strain is from a specific region on earth… So achieving the wonderful colors means patience, homework of each strains background, adjusting nutes and environment to flavor the chance of awesome looking colorful nugs.

Colder Temps at night is one main factor to achieve colorful buds. But there are a number of factors you can adjust to try to change chance a bit more in your favor.