Got some weird colors going on. Please help identify what's up?

. I have 6 Ilgm auto WW all all beautiful and green except this rouge plant. Can anyone tell what’s up by the pic. I’m very confused it’s visible to the eye but doesn’t show up well under lights or in cam. Any opinions?

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Theses were the only 2 that showed the differences not colotation, the rest looked like it was nice and green just a slight yellow tent.

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Need a photo with natural light.


Looks to be nutrient burn but need natural light as @bruinsfan33 stated

When I take the picture with nat. Light it doesn’t show the brown color. That’s one of the things I don’t understand.

@garrigan62. I’ve got 6 total all grown exactly the same except this plant. Just in case it is nute burn what do I need to do? Lay off the nutes for awhile?

If it turns out to be that. Then your answer would be…yes back off the nutrients and water only for a while, if there is improvement then when it’s total clear then start feeding at 50%/ but what soil is it in.

It’s a organic soil that suppose to help retain water mixed with perlite can’t remember the name it was the only thing I could get here besides miracle grow and I know better than to use that. The part I don’t understand is I have 2 others started and taken care of the same way but no discoloration at all on them. They are 10 days old today. The dis colored plant is slightly smaller is the average height for a WW auto at this age? @garrigan62