Y buds so fluffy?

Auto flower gsc and gg4 Fox farm happy frog ph whole life in 6.3 soil water ….75 degrees tent temp 70 at night 40 percent humidity in flower 2nd run same results ilgm seeds autoflowers Mars hydro ts 2000 in a two by four 18/6 lights whole life of plant fox farm trio neuts cal mag terpinator these girls took ten weeks in veg and 12 weeks in flower


They look good. Might be genetics might be lighting.
What was your DLI in flower? I’m thinking the mars hydro’s might be to blame but I can’t say for sure you’ll know next grow whole you watch your DLI and grow a different strain I Geuss.

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I mean is ilgm seeds reggies … cause I used the spider farmer sf 4000 in a 4x4 and same thing happened

You checking the ppms? Get a magnifier out and check for bugs as well.

They look good, so…
I’d guess the light wasn’t close enough. My ILGM genetics are rocks.

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How close should light be

You need a way to measure it in order to make a determination.


My colas are fluffy as well but I thought that was good

My lux is 59879

Idk lux too well, I utilize dli. As for lux I think you should be pushing around 70k but I’m not sure.

@Nicky ?

Maybe I have my light to high I’ll lower

That’s the same thing I got out of all my autos. Thats why I stopped growing them. They looked good until they were dried.


I mean it was 12 inches at 1000 Lux I used

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1000? Wait for @Nicky or @dbrn32 I think you need around 70,000 for flower.

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Download lux app it will give u a good read

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Yeah definitely not 1000 lux. You couldn’t grow a dandelion with that.


Lux will depends on your light type that’s where you need to use wave from lighting converter to transfer it into PPFD and then into DLI.

It’s all laid out in the first post

My lux is anywhere from 22,000 in veg for my 3500k while running 20hr of lights, to 56,000 at 3000k Durring flower for 20hr
If your running 18hr your going to want even more but yeah it’s all there any specific questions ask but you need to know the Kalvin rating of your light and plug all the info into the converters


I agree, lux is weighted to green wavelengths and depending on light be measured ppf to lux conversion can vary. In most circumstances i would say 60,000 lux and up is pretty good. Question would be where is 60,000 lux measured? Everywhere, or is most of the space significantly lower?

You see ff stuff everywhere, but more time that goes by less impressed i am with it.

Not ideal for led grow. Leaf surface temp is not really high enough under 80f in most cases.


I really am starting to think because all my autos seem to come out super airy light also. My GDP autos seem best so far but still lighter than I want for sure. I am starting to think it is something to do with light schedules. All my autos were grown in 18 6 or as close to as possible never under 16 hrs light for them. I think with autos and I’m gonna try this on just 1 by itself and see for my own eyes and help ease my mind if I run less light power thru the grow if it will help. I seem to get on board with getting the lights turned up and never turning them down as the plant matures a d I. Believe this is where I go wrong. Could be wrong. Ut I guess I won’t know u til I try it right. Good luck BB I’d. Most likely will still be good smoke as taste and smell and high will b there. Ut just not the best for a selling standpoint if u were trying to sell stuff. I cannot keep weed in my house long enough to sell anything. I grow for me wife and my neighbor and he smoke more than. Me and my wife do together and he is 75 lol.


It could be a few different things to much water in flower , genetics ,it may get dence when it close to being finished .but i think it looks great good work