WWAF day 69 pics

Here is my first attempt of grow. I doubt anything can be done to change think at this point but it would help the next grow. Which starts 1 day after harvest

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Can’t help much cause I’m still on my first grow and only a week into flower. I know I’d be happy with that being my first grow. Looks good:+1:

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My next grow is going to be an auto flower grow my first grow is nine days from harvest she’s going to be easy 4 oz. Dry

Old picture

How many plants, square outage of grow space and lighting ?

Damn! I’ll have to remember to clean up before I take my pics! :joy:

I’m glad you went into your “little tirade” over his picture actually. The whole concrete thing, does the cooling effect help me?

I know it would be bad in the cooler months, but summer here makes me wonder if this cooling would help with my root zone temps.

I understand. I was making a little joke because you seemed concerned about possibly offending.

If I was to raise the pots off the concrete, wouldn’t that negate the cooling properties I’m seeking?

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Thanks for your thoughts. The plants were pulled out of a grow tent to take the pictures. The grow tent is in a building on my property. I live in the country we have insects and bugs, I thought cannibus is a natural insect repellant? I actually have bee hives on my property. Putting the tent in the building is a necessity for security reasons. I wish I lived in a state I could grow openly but at this point that’s not the case. So tell me besides my building being a death trap how can I better my plants when I start again? Thanks for your thoughts.


Looks like a typical farmers shed to me :slight_smile:
But you need to add some bailing string and fencing wire then it would like like my shed :slight_smile:

I thought those were aphids. Something about stimulating them to produce a honey like dew.

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You’re very welcome! We all help when we can. Even a newbie can help a pro when the pro is having a brain fart.

My wife calls it information overload. Sometimes it’s just a really good hit! :wink:

Glad I could help. Now there’s more time to educate us some more! Lol

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I could only wish I had the time you have taken. I’m done with this conversation.

Well, I guess that’s that. :wink:

Good luck with your growing. Look forward to seeing more in the future.