WWA First Timer Nearing Harvest

Hello good people! This is my first time messing with autos, just regular white widow auto from ILGM and growing outdoor in 5 gal grow bags with FF OF soil. I also built a plexiglass canopy to keep rain off the buds. I’m starting into week 10 now and thinking I still have about two weeks to go. My plan was to continue giving nutes through the end of week 10 and then flush with plain water for weeks 11 and 12. Does this sound like a good plan? Overall things have gone ok, I’m seeing some small caterpillars (1 cm) occasionally but I think its too late to use neem spray or something else. The caterpillars seem to be focused on the leaves mostly anyway. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. I’m located on the US east coast. This is the best close up picture I could get this morning. I didn’t see any amber trichs.


Would love to see the whole plant :star_struck:

These were week 9 pics so a bit out of date. They have filled out pretty nicely over the last week.


Very good lookin plants

Based on you pics of the plant you likely have more than two weeks left. The white pistols protruding from the bud will turn orange and retract back into the bud. When they turn orange is when you need to be checking tricombs

Plants look awesome

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Thanks, that’s the kind of feedback I was looking for. Maybe next week is too soon to stop nutes and start flushing then.

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Yes, too soon. Wait until the pistols turn then start checking. They don’t really change over night…although we would like them to.

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@swhitwo I concur with @AfgVet, too soon to think about flushing and chopping yet. I’d say you are at least 2-3 weeks away from flushing, but you are beat to gauge that by watching those pistols.
Get yourself a jeweler’s loop if you don’t already have one so you can monitor those trichomes. You are looking for mostly cloudy trichones with maybe 25% amber. The more amber the more couch lock feeling you get after consumption, so it’s a matter of preference and what your want out of the plant.
Have you stripped fan leaves at this point?

@swhitwo check out this web post What is Schwazzing & What Does Defoliating Cannabis Do? | Grow Weed Easy
I know it speaks to defoliation and schwazzing for indoor grows to maximize yields, but I’m applying the same logic for my outdoor grow and see what happens.
For me its worth the chance to see what I can get out of these ladies.