WwA day 72 is this bud rot?

They have been outside in rainy weather this is the only plant that looks like this. The leaves near the cola easily fall off. I moved the plants under a canopy since it’s still raining and tomorrow is finally some sun in the forecast

Yes unfortunately this bud rot.

Toss the plant? I don’t see anything on the others

I sprayed some of the root protector from Berman right away, i clipped most of what I saw and put a fan on the rest and brought that one inside and put it on an extra light with a fan on it. Idk if any of that will help

You can save what isn’t moldy, but if there’s doubt, throw it out.

O no I hate bud rot throw it out and keep it away from the others

I’m getting really paranoid that everything is bud rot. I can’t tell if the plant is just near harvest and leaves are dying or it’s bud rot. Some of the color on the buds have always been a darker color but some has been bright green. Iclipped every thing that I thought was bud rot