WW autoflower - Is this Bud Rot?

My two White Widow autoflowers are 10 weeks from seed. Maybe more than a week ago I noticed some browning of more fan leaves, but also the sugar leaves on one of them. I read this could be a sign of bud rot.

Humidity has been a little high, maybe averaging 54-55, drops to 50 when the tent is open. Temp has been mid-high 70’s.

Here are some pictures. Any ideas?

I’m not seeing any bud rot. Looks like brown flower, that crumbles to the touch.
The leaves are a little crispy, but you’re almost finished and it’s too late to correct anything.
Would need to know about what you’ve been feeding to determine, and run off numbers to suggest how to prevent it next time.


Yes, I misestimated the life cycle a few weeks back and quit the nutes to get ready for harvest. Went back to nutes, but the damage was done. The buds aren’t dry, and I see no obvious mold, so I guess maybe it was just that,
Thanks for your input. :slight_smile:


Not seeing bud rot. The plant is cannibalizing its leaves for nutrients.