Wth is this female or male or reversed Hermie

Im having this problem it is White Queen in flower after 18hrs veg grow lighting for 2 months
Now 3 weeks into 12/12 under a 144 Mars Hydroponics ver2 led system set on blooming full spectrum with ir uv and mi stem seems to have
one Sprout on the main stem at each node branch on main stem they open no pollen or flower and dry up ,I have no white wisps and have these mini sprouts on all my top stems one per new veging limb but they have not opened yet and I took a sample of these sprouts on the 2nd limbs and there nothing but hairs in the inside there is no flowers or anything yet and I’m worried it may be a reverse Hermie or something like this that will ruin the rest of my crop,can someone help me
,this thing looks very healthy really short nodes 2inch thick stem at its lower end over 2 ft wide its a monster Christmas tree i had to trim some of its large 1ft round fan leaves the weak before 12/12 if it helps I can take some pics under h5 lighting its asleep now so have to wait for that since I do not want to stress it out while its in its dark 12hr sleep atm.


It look female by the hair, and swollen noduels

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Do me a favor @Matthew1280 take pics under normal or white light.

One pic per post so we can use the site zoom.

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I will soon as it’s awake its asleep now I have it with 2 curtailed off cotton candy 2 weeks into veg separate lighting separate timers its works out nice with small space and the atmospheric grow tent the flower 12/12 and the veg 18 on seedlings 2 weeks in both kick on at 7am ,I’ll post the white under t5 lights picks then I don’t want to stress either one of them out and cause a nightmare, i did get in touch of the seed breeders in Canada they can’t 100% sext it eather lol.

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Ok sounds good. Take some pics of your whole setup so we can see what you’ve got going on! @Matthew1280

Were they fem seeds or regular seeds?

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Ok here you go I have the White Queen and the seedlings in a 24x48x60 grow tent until I can confirm sex so I can place it with the other ladies ,I pulled its skirt up for you,i did notice thd tips i have to make some room for the light to raise higher ,and i only use that big blower for while I’m cleaning up I use a booster fan on low when its close so there is no negative vacuum on the grow tent with I placed activated coal filters on the lower vents to keep out mold pores and etc ,the lower pic shows mini spades or new veg ,this train is driving me bonkers . .

Here is its top does look female till I seen the Spade looking buds on its on cola branchs

but then it could be new veg.

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Slight negative pressure is ok. If you need help with that I can have someone talk with you about that specifically.

In the very bottom pic, those are pistils: Female parts.

When you are posting pics for us to help you, it is best to only post one pic per post so that we can use the site zoom. If you put more than one in the post all we can do is scroll through the pics with no real zoom help.


Ok sorry about the scroll pictures ,i ended up mixing the fem wq with reg seeds but i belive i used a reg seed from what it looks like .I know a little vacuum is good but with that large blower even on Lowest it was ripping the mars grow tent and stunting the growth I got that filtration system for my bigger setup that is a 5x5 the spades on the white qween seem to have 2 wisp that spawns from them but they start out green and some turn white then turn into a green veg leaves and there seemed to be some pods on its main stem that opened up but no flower they look a little cottony as in that one pic I posted,here I’ll post a picture of one of the cola branches so it can be zoomed this white qween strain is a pain to sex since its veg spawns white wisp that turn into leaves that grow out to limbs but if you can help me sex before its to late I would be very grateful my cotton candy seedlings would appreciate it since there showing sex already on week 2 ,here is one pic so you can zoom in sorry about them scroll pictures ,if I can find a more advanced cola limb I’ll post it when its wakes up again .

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Those look female to me @Matthew1280 just like the top feme pic that I posted for you.

And that’s ok on pics it’s something you won’t know until someone tells you.


Thanks Bob it def threw me for a loop there since it won’t show me any tru pistols and them fals seed pods showing up before a sigle pistol and me throwing it into 12/12 maybe to soon I was trying to rush it so I can place it in with my large room with the rest that are flowering to save room,I started to think they was young nanners ,awesome thanks for the help,I’ll keep you updated on its progress .

ok no worries, @Matthew1280 Those are called Calyx and that is the female bud. If you get a clump of those with no hairs, then you’ve got problems. (refer to the pics) They look fine to me!

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Bob I have always stuck to White Widow when I was a teen I adopted one and keep her around for years i just started growing again 3 years ago and I started with hybrids with White Widow gen so I tried this White Queen I never seen these little sprouts on my white widows main steams is this normal for hybrid fem these green stem blooms some even seem cottonee looking?

This one seems kind of cottonie

You are still in veg, correct? Those just look like pre-flowers to me. Very normal. My Gold leaf did similar to that.

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It’s been in 12/12 for over 2 weeks now I gave it over 2 months and 2 weeks for veg and it showed me nothing so I put it in 12/12

ok, good then those were probably there as well but you didn’t notice them. @Matthew1280

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I def think after these wq I’m going to go back to ww and the cc these monsterous hybrids are a slow sexting that’s for sure,here is one for you my 2 week old cotton candy fem is already showing sex but what’s crazy is only a small runt is showing me and they was popped together and I mean it’s a runt i held her over to show you lol.

Look how small she is to her sister ccf

That wq seems like it has a defense system it has no smell but if it even gets touched it seems to spray the whole area with its herbal aroma It got my wife yesterday she had to shower to get the smell off its a appetizing smells very strong of oregano and power skunk but such a give away ,this thing is a snitch XD