Would like to try but no guts

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Would like to try but not sure where to get spores sure there are many places. How safe to buy. Looks Alfy hard to grow have always thought about it. But no guts. But like all I can hear. I have herd that spores them self’s are not illegal but uneasy.

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Im right with you, I have been going back and fourth and I have tried in past once or twice but never had any luck. My “substrate” always got bad bacteria and turned colors on me. I’m looking at buying a kit that comes with everything but the spores. Midwest grow kit .com look it up they have a couple different kits. Spores you can buy and I have looked it’s legal to buy spores but illegal to grow if not for science stuff. I’m talking about the psilocybin, the fun kind. Let me know if you decide I’m just waiting for the ok from the wife lol good luck

I would find an alternative to them. Me and a number of over growers have had problems with contamination using their products.

North Spore is a good vendor. I’m sure that there are others as well.


So was looking at north spore, I’m looking for a kit for psilocybin mushroom only thing I see are there kits that already there own spores in ? Would you recommend buying there substrate bags from them ? Like said earlier more curious then anything, but if I do buy want to have everything I need. Thanks

Spores are legal to sell only if they are not also selling grow equipment. I’m not aware of any companies selling both spores and substrate unless they sell on the dark web.

I’ve used a few of North Spore’s products. It always been a good experience. I get all of my substrate items from them.

Yes you are correct, sorry I worded that wrong, and you answered my other question. Thanks again

This is a great place to start.

I used to order spores from Ralphster.

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Thanks friend. Now just need to get the guts. Closer than ever.

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Here is a little secret to help with contamination. If you can keep say a grow tent cold aka below 60 to 65 degrees and wear one of those cheap White colored Contamination suits before going in, you should start seeing better results with knocking down on your Substrate. People up North with basements can achieve this during the winter months. You need a Sterile Environment.

You need to make sure to keep all dust free of your grow area and grow room.

If you ever gone into a Operating Room, they keep it cold so they can help minimize infections.

The Truffle Brothers in the Netherlands grow Magic Truffles. Their incubation area is if I remember correctly is 1000 times safer than an Operating Room. Cold temps.

I hope this helps as I will be jumping onboard sometime late in the year.

This is what I am talking about the Contamination suit.

Contamination Suit

Also have hair nets and cheap hospital rubber gloves and lastly foot booties as I call them. All this will help combat contaminations.

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A real game changer for me was using liquid culture. Learned about it in the Stamets book. Basically you start your spores in a sterilized sugar water solution. They’ll grow into a cotton ball looking web of mycelium. Now use that to knock up your grain spawn. It colonized so fast nothing else really stood a chance.

I haven’t grown them in 10 years but I may have another go this summer. It’s too warm to grow weed in the basement then but the conditions might be real nice for shrooms.