Would like to harvest this plant next week

Sorry created a new post because of typo in my previous heading I could not update.

So I would really like to harvest this one plant next week to then let it cure and be usable for Christmas vacation. Next week will be at 13 weeks. It is a blue dream auto. Looks like the trichomes are turning cloudy but not amber yet. I was hoping next week I would see some amber trichomes. Thoughts?

Sorry that the zoomed in pictures are not the best. I am still learning how to photograph my plants. I bought a microscope that connects to my phone. But the scope really needs to be on a stand. So I flipped over a laundry basket and sat it next to the plant. Work in progress :man_facepalming:

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That’s a nice looking lady. I would say 2 more weeks to get where you want it. Remember the top will get amber quicker than the bottom


You have more than 1 week to go. Its loaded with white pistils. Don’t do it or you will be upset with yourself.

She is pretty. :+1:


I agree there are a LOT of white pistols. More than a week. But she looks :heart_eyes:


Foxtailing. Trichomes look in the window to me, I like a small dash of amber

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I agree 1 week in light 2 days in dark and they’ll be the perfect balanced buzz

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I believe its ready now but if u want to wait until se have turned amber then give it another week or so


I agree with the fox-tailing comment. It keeps piling the. On and will have white pistils to the end. If you can look at an older bud under the foxtail you will probably see she’s about a week away. Just pull one of the foxtails off and grab a portion of an old bud to look at