Worth Posting Again

Worth posting again. There was a discussion in another thread today about microbes. This has been posted in the thread, but in case you missed it, I’ll drop it here. It’s wisdom from Dr. Bruce Bugbee himself. One of the more important points he makes is feeding microbes with sugars (e.g. unsulfured molasses.) I put a tablespoon of molasses in my feed every other watering.


Hope bud candy basically does the same thing lol. I stopped running molasses as when I did use it it was in soil and I had gnats come big time with the molasses so I stopped using it. Went just for bud candy I did however switch from soil to coco also so maybe I should try the molasses again I’d hate to have any bugs pop up tho as my wife was a nervous wreck seeing gnats in the room like they were gonna take over the house. Lol.


I agree with @Mark0427. Gnats are hard enough to control and they love molasses.


Not commonly known or used but malted barley which comes in powder or liquid form will feed microbes too. Its used to make beer by homebrewers and available in local homebrew shops. Labs use it to culture bacteria because it is a perfect microbial media. I cant speak to its affinity to fungus gnats but I would be curious.


Shit and they mate like crazy I think too. When I had them they went from a few to a million in a few days. Lol. Took a lot to get them gone but finally said f it scraped all dirt loose I could from top sucked out with shop vac did a bug treatment on pots then refilled the tops with new soil and bam that took care of my situation. I would randomly see a flyer here or there after but was.quick to grab a shop vac and suck any I deen into vac.to killem lol


I’ve been using molasses for a few years and have never had a problem with gnats.

Side note: gnats are often associated with improper wet/dry cycles (overly wet soil over time.)


Bud candy is a great product. It’s an entire smorgasbord for microbes/fungi. They love it and thrive.


I think so too. I think I have better coneouts using this over molasses. And bugs don’t seem to get in the grow using the bud candy.