Wondering when to put newly germinated seeds under light after being put in rockwool?

germed, put in rock wool, now under humidity dome and in the dark, how long would you leave them in the dark? should I put them under the lights today?

I always put them under light as soon as I “plant” them.


I’m with @Hawkeye_diesel
I germinate and once I have a tap root and place it in soil lights on 24/7 for the first couple weeks till I remove them from germination tray and place in small tent then it 18/6 till I flower

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I’ve never used 24/0 light before, I have always used the tried and true 18/6, maybe next grow I’ll try the 20/4

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I wasn’t saying you did my friend I was referring to having light on when you germinate is what I agreed with
The rest is just what I do
I only use 24 during initial germination period once big enough to take out of propagation tray I switch to 18/6
It how I was taught and it works for me so why change it lol
How goes everything @Hawkeye_diesel
I need to catch up on my threads I’m way behind

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Oh I know I was just sayin what I do, jot sayin it’s right or wrong just elaborating on how I do it brother :+1:

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I duno where I read about not putting them straight under the light… the guy was saying how he waits 2-3 days until they sprout then puts them under the light - but they need light to find the up down thingy and for energy… maybe it was a weird dream… or a dope on you tube.
Do I need to put foil around the rock wool to block light from getting in? lights come on in 120mins so il have them ready for the next 18 hour light session

I’m not sure about the foil.on rockwool, I’ve never used it before. I always put them under light as soon as they are planted

hmmm… my thinking is, will the light from the LED penetrate the rock wool and mess up my baby roots? not sure who to ask about this one

Asked the mentors that’s what they are here for. I don’t think the light wouod penetrate it enough to harm the roots, but I’m not 100% on that. Wish I could help more

@Majiktoker @garrigan62 any idea? thanks in advance

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What wattage @McLovin777

365-380 actual - ZNET 12 its called

You should be fine as a preventative wrap the cubes with tin foil


Thanks toker

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Not a problem as always my pleasure

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including the tops would you say? and leave a small hole for the stem or no need for the top?

Should be no need to cover the top only sides

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Cheers dude, all good now.

Sweet keep me updated