Withered marijuana leaves

A question from a fellow grower:

These plants after 8 weeks from seeding. You can see the leaves are withered and the plant is about 8 cm tall.

What is the temperature of your reservoir? It could be nutrient lockout or nutrient toxicity, what is the PH and PPM? If the temperature in the reservoir is too high it could cause these issues as well as damping off, which is what this kinda looks like, imbalance of microbes in the roots from the temperature being too high and or not enough aeration.

I have never had such issues in SDWC as I witness here. It is so simple.
What are you using for nutrients? What is EC/PPM?
Are you supplying aeration to the reservoir?
what is the PH?

Thanks for your reply,

Actually what i’m using right now the following:
Brand: G.H.E

5.0.1 Floramicro 10ml/galon
3.1.6 Floragro 10ml/galon
0.5.4 Florabloom 15ml/galon
Dimond nectar 10ml/galon
GHE mineral magic

Reservoir: 1 galon capacity.
Rockwool size: 2"
Light: Led quadband 40w
1- small fan
1- small filter
Ph 5.9
26 night - 28 °C morning

So, please advice?

We still need to know parts per million,of your reservoir’s solution, all that you are adding seems like a lot.

Also your temps are really high, it is likely the reservoir’s water temperature is too high. You don’t want your reservoir’s temperature above 24*C. So at night, all things being equal – the reservoir might be a degree or two lower than the air, and so you might be in a safe range at night, but morning temps are killing your roots as well as maybe getting a lot of nutrient burn from the PPMs being too high.

You over fertilized these plants. They are much too small to be running at that high a concentration of nutrients. I know what 10ml + 10ml + 15 ml =; about/approx. 2000ppm or higher. 8 + 8+ 8ml of each = about/approx. 1500ppm So you may have been running 2200-2300ppm on seedling. Not to mention that you gave them some other additives.

Well, we all learn from our mistakes. Look at your roots. If they look like they are mushed together; You are done. Sorry for the bad review. Hope you have better luck on your next grow. Make a good plan and do not apply heavy nutrient to young plants not able to sustain such a high level of slats. Peace

Latewood, btw, 28C is about 82.5F so reservoir is probably just under 80*F, if that low at all…

Hot water and high nutrients can wither plants to death; As witnessed here. As we know; These high temps contain much less oxygen molecules.