Wired looking buds growing

Still new at growing but these buds look like it have seeds in them or it herm idk but I know it don’t look like my other plant this is the 6 week of flower

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They are female calyces. Your flowers are only 2 or 3 weeks old and it is very unlikely that seeds have developed this early even if there is a male plant or a hermie around.

I see no evidence of a hermie bananas or balls on the plant.


Ok that’s a relief I was a little skeptical because my other plant didn’t grow this way and I got them from the same genetics. But I do have another question on what day do you start to count the flower stage I was told wen u see the first white hairs pop up and that was May 25 but idk

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White hairs (pistils) appear at the tips of the plant is when the clock starts. The white hairs on the calyxes at the plant’s nodes only mean that the plant is sexually matured.