Will this be good for nut

Solution for Growing!
GROWLUSH Growth Formula has been scientifically formulated and manufactured using high-grade nutrients.

GROWLUSH Growth Formula also contains a balanced ratio of nitrogen, potassium, calcium and trace elements designed specifically to meet high standards of quality and specifically designed for use during the growth stage. Our two-part formula is carefully manufactured to ensure an even consistency between batches and maximum solubility.

The carefully balanced formula ensures optimal results during the growth cycle in natural and artificial lighting such as HID lighting or compact florescent lighting.

GROWLUSH Growth Formula is compatible with most additives, including Silica, Seaweed and organic extracts. The nutrient balance supplied by this formula helps maintain healthier roots, which leads to improved nutrient uptake and increased disease resistance. This means increased yields and high quality results.

GROWLUSH Growth Formula may also be used in foliar and soil applications.

Directions of Use:

Seedings: 15ml part A and 15ml part B for every 10 litres of water.
Cuttings & Soil: 20ml part A and 20ml part B for every 10 litres of water. Use until roots are fully established then use full strength.
Full strength: 40ml part A and 40ml part B for every 10 litres of water.
Foliar spray: 1ml part A and 1ml part B for every 2 litres of water preferably distilled.

I have not used this product maybe another person around here has I hope you get the help you need best of wishes


Why would you want tips when it’s all ready writen on the package for ya.
just do what it says to do and see what happends that’s the only way to find out or go to their website and read there reviews


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