Supplements to use

im gonna be running dynagro grow and bloom i have calmag and pro silica should i run them to like i did in the dwc also any other suggestions on supplements i should be using

Quit buting supplements and learn to grow with a simple nutrient system.

Until you learn to grow simply and successfully; All the supplements in the world will not help.

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well im trying to learn how thats y i asked if i should even use them no wouldve been sufficient

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You can use what ever you want, but you do have to be sure you are following the directions and not mixing various lines of nutrients so you don’t really know what the proper concentrations of the actual macro or micro nutrients is in your reservoir. I don’t know much about dynagro, and Latewood does have a point if you keep jumping from different brand to different brand or adding and mixing too much of various different brands, that weren’t made with each other in mind, you won’t have much consistency and it will be real hard to figure out what is going on. We talk to a whole lot of people and after awhile everybody’s stuff can get mixed up a little in our heads so I don’t remember what you were running before. At first, really, keep it simple until you start to understand what does what and why and try and give us as much info, especially in a new thread so we can be sure we remember what you are doing in your grow.

Hey newby420, I got your message but my phone has been mest up till now. So how are things growing for u here in Tennessee. Give me a e-mail at this address,

I use all Fox Farms nutes. But, if my seedlings are looking leggy and spindly, I will water a few times before their first repotting with Dyna Gro Pro Tek. This is strictly a silica solution and should be used alone in fresh water because it will cause your nutrients to chelate and form little rocks in your mixer tank.
That being said, it does bulk up the seedling trunks and gets them to look like plants and not linguine.
I have never used it in a hydro situation and I suggest that you contact Dyna Gro directly and ask for compatibility advice with the nutrients that you do use.