Will spider eat seedlings?

My 20 White Widow Auto sprouted up out of the ground last Wednesday. This morning I went and checked on them this morning and I lost 5 of them since yesterday morning. Three was ate off at the stem and the other two was ate on and pulled up. Yesterday morning there was a spider about the size of a half a dollar in the crate that I have my peat pots setting in. I tried killing it but it got away. When I went and found the five plants gone . I managed to find it and killed it. After that I dusted lime around the crate and plants to keep insects away. My question is will a spider eat on seedings. I think that was what killed them. I couldn’t find anything else around that would have eaten them. I know a spider can destroy a plant when it’s bigger but I have never had one to eat my plants.Any advice will be greatly appreciated

Yes, some spiders do eat plants, they like to suck the sap out of them.


I have had spiders web around a leave and even on buds but I didn’t know they would eat them until this morning. But I wasn’t 100% sure. That’s when I jumped on here to see if anyone else knew for sure. By the way it is awesome to have a forum like this for people like us!! Thank you!

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You’re welcome. Many things love to snack on little sprouts, I once lost $100 worth of sprouts because a cricket got into my grow space and bit off all the heads from the 5 sprouts, probably to lick up the sap, couldn’t believe it.