Why wont my super skunk stop stretching in flower?!

They are going on there second week of flower and the refuse to stop stretching. Any thoughts?IMG_9332

Stretching can continue through the 4th or 5th week. I’ve never seen it slow down by the second week. It’s usually the 4th week.


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But they are now stretching almost four times the height that I started on, I started there flower at 15 in they are 4 feet now, wtf?!

The rest of them in the room stopped to a crawl but those 2 in the back are insane and eo t stop.

It happens. I have 2 in flowering now and one of them has grown to be 3x as big as the second over the stretch. Both were given the same training, etc…

You hit the genetic lottery and will get good yield from her.

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Dude she stinks like baby shit when i rub the stalks like really pungent smell.

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I flowered her at 15 in and now look at her lol

Are they feminized seeds ?

You can still do some LST in the beginning of flower. Spread her out, flowering stretch for me is usually 10 to 21 days.

Snag a cutting if you can from the lower branches, looks like you found a good pheno of that strain.

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Yea, I got them from this site.

@Arborfarms I’ve never tried clones b4. But I would love to get more of her because she has this really skinky pungent smell to her so I know shes going to smoke top shelf. None of her sisters look like her except for 1, shes like 8in shorter.

She is starting to flower though can’t believe all this in that little three gallon pot should I transplant her or leave her in there and see how much I can get out of a 3-gallon pot ? I kind of want to test it.

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Not a good practice to transplant when in flower, could cause too much stress which could make her hermie.


I love a good stretch surprise. You will enjoy the harvest from her for sure.

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I’m no expert but it seems that from what I have read ,they Do that some take a lil bit to pick up on veg , but then they explode and then in flower Explode again ,some stop growing until week 4 of flower , I had to change my initial set up of 2 plants to 1 to see how they behave , I’m glad I did because , what I’m a going to do with 1 extra stinky plant that dosnt fit in the tent , yeah LST at this point until the branches are soft once they start hardening they will break

Scrog is always the best training to do in a tent to maximize potential


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I guess one day she’ll stop growing she’s as tall as me now, now who the hell said a plant is limited to the size of its pot is full of s***!!!