Why the popcorn buds?

Hello Guys, newbie here. So my Kush CBD Autoflower sprouted on Nov 01, 2022. It has been kept inside a AC Infinity 2x2 grow tent with iongrid lights 18-6 cycle. Average temp 74.4F and average humidity 65%. Distance to lights is 14" right now at 638 PAR. Today marks week 10

LST was started on Nov 18, and I can see it has a lot of buds, but they seem very little. First 6 weeks with only water and after that with the recommended GH trio formula and CalMag. I have not done any defoliation or pruning. What do you recommend for bigger denser buds? Even my bonsai critical mass seed which I could not grow in this tent due to space and had to remain in the plastic cup and away from the lights due to the size of my kush plant has a bigger bud. Any help appreciated.

Thank you!


They are still growing, you still have weeks and weeks to go! Wait like 3-4 weeks and you’ll see them fatten up a bit more. The solo cup one is just in a solo cup, that’s why it’s small.


Your buds have just set. Like @Sammys said give it time and you won’t be disappointed I guarantee it


Plant looks good to me! Welcome to the community!


Thanks Guys!!! Should I defoliate / prune?? Im reluctant to clip it, but will follow your experts advice.

I would defoliate / prune the bottom 1/3rd of your plant, now those will be popcorn buds


I planted the same strain October 8, 2 of the plants (in 3 gallon containers matured & I harvested Dec. 18th, but 2 (planted in 5 gal. Containers) kept growing & growing. They are now ready for harvest.

The 2 in the background (CBD Kush) have beautiful, heavy, full buds.


Welcome to the neighborhood :blush:. Happy Growing :blush::v:


Which Iongrid lights? Inquiring for a friend, thanks.

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Ac Infinity Iongrid T22.

Thank you for your kind welcome!!! Cheers everyone!!

Thats a beautiful grow!! Congrats!!!

Welcome to the community!

Temperatures and proper nutrients at the right time. Also some trimming of the lower canopy, bottom 1/3 can be trimmed away, to keep the popcorn larf down a bit. Some people keep these for edibles, so it depends on the grower, and what it will be used for after harvest.

Temperatures are good, if you’re able to increase the temperature to 80° and drop the humidity to less than 50% RH, especially for flowering, it would be an improvement.
Overall very nice!
Happy growing! :seedling:

Like mentioned, I highly recommend getting rid of the bottom third or so. I never used to do that, and when I trimmed I had a whole lot of tiny crap at the bottoms of the branches that didn’t do anything for me. I started getting rid of those lower branches, and it makes a big difference in the parts of the plant that gets adequate lighting. Something like this.