Why the brown spots? Help!

Hey everyone.

Planting my first batch from seed and I’m running into some brown spots on the leaves. They popped through the ground on 7/20, bust have been experiencing the issues for the past 4 days.

Strain: ILGM photo Gorilla Glue
Soil: fox farms happy frog
Vessel: tiki solo cups
Indoor: 90w (from plug) blurple running veg switch only and a 200w blurple on other side of 2x4 tent vegging another plant
Temps: high 88 low 78
Humidity: 43%-58%
4 in vent system with booster fan on hose coming out of the tent. 1 6in fan inside
No C02

The 3 affected

The 3 not

Let me know what you think!

Jonny Utah

I could be wrong but potassium deficiency possibly? Maybe calcium. I’m still pretty new so I’m not 100% positive.

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@Hellraiser @Myfriendis410 @repins12

What do you guys think?

Have you been feeding them anything?

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Nope. It’s fresh soil so nothing.

Perhaps a bit hot for that plant? Ffarms soil has a history of being a tad hot for young plants.


88f is a little high.
Your rh is a little low. It could easily be in the mid 60’s rh at this point.

No nutes, right? What type of water are you giving them?

Happy frog isn’t nearly as hot as ocean forest. I’d think it’d be ok for young plants. But they could be sensitive.

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Getting the temp fixed this week with a lung tent and an ac unit. I have a dehumidifier going in the garage, but it’s only because I’m finishing flower on a couple plants. I plan on putting the dehumidifier in the lung tent too. I’ve had ziplock bags over them until just recently, but I will put them back on.

I also went with happy frog because Ocean forest is too hot for young plants. The good thing is I’m only keeping 3 since I’m doing a perpetual grow so if they keep having issues, they will be the first to go.

This is only my 2nd time growing so I’m finally getting fully controlled environment going.

Jonny Utah


Ziplock bags may not be the best solution. Condensation can form on the leaves where the bags touch them and cause issues. Especially if there’s high intensity light. Clear solo cups or even cut off clear soda bottles (where nothing touches) are better.


Looks like I’ll be drinking some liter o colas in the next couple days.


Most of those girls are stretching out over the edge of the container, (now that I look closer).
Maybe just go without a dome for a week and see how they fare. It’s almost time to repot. I don’t want you to force yourself to drink all that soda. :grin:

What are you watering them with?

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Hahaha. Thanks for saving me. The roots are growing quick and I plan on putting them in 1 gal fabrics, then off to the 5-7gals with the three best.

Watering with 7.0ph Tap water. Only had to use cal mag twice with my last grow but waiting on the water report to see what else is in it.

Transplanting out of fabric pots can be a b!tch. Roots grow into the pots and get ripped out when you transplant. I used to go from solo cups into 1 gal plastic pots, then into the 7gal fabric pots.
Now, unless I need time, I go right from the solo cups to the final home.

pH 7.0 is a bit high, but shouldn’t cause issues in a well balanced soil, within a couple weeks. I’m betting the plastic bags were exacerbating things.

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I got the ones with the Velcro strip to make it easier, but I see what you are saying. I’ll prob use a knife to trim around before I try and pull them out.

7 has been getting me about 6.3-6.7 in the runoff pretty consistently but no runoff for the solos. Will start tracking once I transplant them. I do want to invest in a better quality ph meter and ppm meter just so I’m on point.

I use RO water for the most part. Can’t say I’ve ever tested runoff from seedlings in a solo cup.

Exactly. Why cut roots, when you can use plastic and easily remove? Just go 1 gal plastic, or right into the 7 gal, cloth pots.

A quality pH meter is worth every penny.

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Faygo in 3 litre bottles from your local Dollar Tree work great.

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High temps can cause VPD to be out of nominal with excessive transpiration causing higher uptake of soil nutes.


Thanks for the info everyone. Will get the temps fixed by Tuesday and will send an update of the new setup.

Jonny Utah

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