Why is one of my plants doing this?

I only have one plant that sideways like this and I can’t figure out why it’s doing that. The ph in my water is fine. It’s even more sideways today

I have one that did that. One of two problems. If you have a fan blowing, it will probably cause that to happen. The other problem it’s growing to the direction of light.

I took 2 zip ties to make a V shape and carefully straightened out the young sprout. This is a guess from what just happened to me.


You can fill up the cup with some more of your soil and carefully recenter your stem. That will help to support it as well. :v:
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Hey MrPeat. I have done the same thing except using pipe a cleaner. Bend to form supporting shape needed and stick other end into dirt. Works like a charm and is a breeze to do.  I have since learned to keep light at proper distance to prevent such stretching and not use a fan that early in her life. Also, rotating plants helps. Hope this helps the op!!

This is what I did to help correct the problem.