Why is my weed so airy?

First time grower produced good quality weed.
Although I know it can be better.

Buds are light and airy

Plants were grown in soil with 5 gallon canvas bags for each plant.

2.5 months of Veg (18 hours of light) and then 10 weeks of flower (12 hours of light)

The product is good but I am trying to get to great product.


Genetics plays a role but the overwhelming issue usually is insufficient light.


Tell us about your light and how big of a tent or grow space.


Plants were started with a HydroCrunch 600W light in 2x2. Then moved to 4x4 tent with a Mars Hydro TSW-2000.

Now setting up a second 4 x 4 with Mars Hydro TS-3000

I’m using vigoro potting mix using fish and guano for veg, then added Beastie Blooms for flower.

Since both of you mentioned lighting I intended to keep lighting at 18” but went on vacation and I moved lights to about 30” when flowering begun. I should have moved them to 12”-18” damn.

Grow #2 will be a combination of seeds and clones.

I’d listen to the other two, but for my first grow I noticed a very big difference in bud density for a same strain plant taken just 2 weeks later. The pistils swell and retract - causing my buds to be much more compact for just 2 more weeks of patience. The thc sacs looked almost the same 2 weeks apart - but the buds swelled. Good luck!


A friend who got me started swears they will shoot pistils 3 distinct times at least. He always has fat, rock hard nugs. So even if they “look” ready, as long as they are still healthy, they may still add weight.


I have one more plant that I am let continue and things are looking promising. I also moved the light closer (within spec) of the plant. I’ll let it grow another week or two.

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Are you introducing too much fertilizer? Remember, when they give a recommendation on the bag/bottle/jar, don’t start off with that amount. Depending on the nute line I use I will only use 1/4 to 1/2 the recommendation until they become older. Adding too much will also produce airy buds due to the plant locking out certain uptake of nutes.


A lot more people need to watch this video.

Resources are often better than straight answers.


I may have added too many nutes one time as I questioned if I was putting enough in. How to properly dose my nutes and lighting are on my agenda to study up on.

Half of your problem is that you’re using Mars hydro which has to much blue for flower , its to similiar to spring light where you want red light more similiar to fall. The other half is medium and or watering, underwatering can produce slightly larfier buds , and a good coco coir makes you very resistant to overwatering letting you be far more aggressive with watering and nute delivery.

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GreenSnek is there a particular Brand/Model of lights you would recommend?

I try to run a hlg 260 rspec during flower but I recommend at least a 135 rspec added to the mix just to shift the spectrum should help a lot

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That isn’t airy looking to me. Anyways they’ll harden up while curing. Some of us use paper bags before jarring for that very reason

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You’re 100% correct. I have started curing in mason jars with 58% & 62% humidity packs and the nugs have definitely hardened up and feel fuller. I’m pretty happy with the product.

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