Why does this keep happening

This is my 2nd attempt at my first grow, seems to happen to the amnesia haze and not the O.G Kush but happens like week 1!! Any help would be massively appreciated, don’t feel like grabbing anymore seeds till I can figure it out lol


Give us your soil makeup, watering schedule, light specs and if you’re feeding nutrients yet or not.


What happened to the 1st attempt?

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Hi a bit more information would be good like ur soil ur using if ur feeding nutrients and what type of nutrients ur using

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Dependant upon soil no nutes r needed for a few weeks atleast. Looks like a slight mutant twist. Keep it going most likely will grow right out of that look as long as the water practices r good the plant will jump on board what’s the deal with the first attempt what happened there.

Hi all,
I’ve started with a soil come recommended by a friend, biobizz light mix, comes very lightly fertilised for seedlings etc… and im preparing the soil with around 1/3 perlite I hadn’t actually started feeding them any nutes when this started to happen. I’m watering roughly once every 3 days and I’m picking up the pots to make sure they’re light enough for a watering, my waters pretty hard where I am so I am preparing my water with vitamin c for the chlorine and the pH is never more than +/- 2 from 6.8
I’m in a 3ftx 3ft x 6ft tent with a 1000w light I have dimmable down to 600w which is where it usually sits, 1000w is obviously insane for that size tent but one day who knows!

The first grow started very much like this one but rapidly spread to new growth and the leaves started twisting. This happened to 4/4 plants in my space. I’m angry I never took pictures but I was gutted and wanted them out of my sight lol

The picture shown is 7 days in

I appreciate you guys thank you!!


I’ve been up researching this for a few hours now since I got your reply notification. I haven’t found anything conclusive yet. It sounds like you’ve done a good job of taking care of the plant. I’ll give you a few suggestions.

  1. Try a different bag of soil, or all together a different brand. I’ve had bad experiences with Happy Frog, where simply getting another bag of it made a world of difference.

  2. Back your light off. I noticed in the pictures you sent that the leaves seem to be on the verge of twisting. Something I’ve anyways noticed when blasting my seedlings with too much light.

  3. Manganese. While making my coffee, I came across a website that explains a deficiency with very similar appearance to yours. If you have a couple minutes, give it a read. Yellow Leaf Spot (Leaf Septoria) & Cannabis - Get Rid of It Quickly!

In general, seed starter has very little nutrition to feed the plants. Once the plant uses up the nutrients in the first set of leaves you need to either start feeding it, or easier for beginner, to transplant it into a cannabis friendly soil.

My suggestions for getting off to a good start:

  1. buy some good soil, you should be able to buy soil locally to save on shipping. If you don’t know where to look, use the Fox Farms dealer locator to find local suppliers. Fox Farms is only one supplier of cannabis friendly soil and you can use others, but using the dealer locator will show you the location of stores that will most likely have other choices.

  2. to get off to a good start, use the cannabis friendly soil in the bottom of your starter pots, then seed starter on top. Once the roots begin to establish they will find the soil in the bottom of the pot and get the nutrients it needs to thrive.

  3. peat pots don’t break down fast enough for short cannabis grows. You will need to cut the bottom off to transplant. Lots of growers start seeds in plastic cups/pots and transplant from there, some start their seeds in the final pots.

  4. if you cut the bottom off the peat pots and place in a bigger pot of soil, your plants will respond in just a few days.


Seeing as I have a couple of new bags of the same soil and some o.g kush seeds I’m going to give them a whirl and see if it’s a strain specific dependency/deficiency I’m not noticing, amnesia haze seems to grow incredibly fast and the soil I’m using does only have light nutrition, is it possible the seedling became deficient in some nutrient so early on?

I’ve been told amnesia haze is a pretty tricky strain to grow?

Where I’m from unfortunately we don’t have much variety in soil and other products but very thankful for all your suggestions! Again, this was my 2nd ever attempt so any fine tuning tips would be awesome!

I grew some amnesia haze autos and they are very sensitive to pH. Did you or you need to do a soil slurry test to determine what the soils ph is. Some strains are more accommodating. Amnesia Haze is not so flexible given my experience.


I tried to maintain a 6.8pH, I did pH my water each and every time but I did notice a yellow run off during one particular watering, I’m fairly new to this so didn’t think to test my soil for pH, does yellow run off indicate a problem? It occurred shortly after my second watering should I flush my soil before planting Amnesia haze? Any tips or things that helped you would be greatly appreciated because I’ve struggled twice now with this particular strain, maybe I shouldn’t have picked such a tricky strain for my first attempt aha.

No idea what that might have been or what caused it. It would have to be something in the soil and some reaction to the watering. It might have been the nutrients in the soil. - guessing only.
Given your bad run / misfortune with amnesia haze it must be something that is common to all of your attempts.
I see you are using peat pots. I used them at first, but then had a couple of seedlings fail on me. I just could not get the water right.
It might be some pathogen like @AfghaniGranny mentioned. I have not dealt with leaf septoria so not much help there. It is caused by a fungus and I don’t know if AH is more susceptible to it than OG Kush.
Lets see if someone else can lend a hand @PurpNGold74 @Covertgrower @AfgVet @MeEasy


Thanks for the tag @beardless , @CrazyHazey I’m not real familiar with biobizz but is used by a bunch of growers and after I read the description from them it’s basically a living soil mixed light for starting plants so unless you just happened to get a bad bag it should be good to start with and feed plants for three to five weeks. Unless there’s something wrong with your water you shouldn’t even have to worry about ph’ing until you start feeding and that’s only if you are going to feed salts. Using vitamin C is good for neutralizing chlorine and or chloramine, it only takes a tiny amount of it to work literally a pinch per gallon I believe it’s 1/8tsp does a bathtub full of water… it is normal for the runoff to be discolored what it is is you are washing out the natural organic nutrients in the soil. Runoff is not necessary with a living soil and if you do get runoff I wait til the next day and pour it back into the soil it’s pretty much a nutrient tea

Those spots are different than what is normal deficiencies but also doesn’t look like fungus or the leaf septoria already mentioned :thinking: but obviously I could be wrong… it happened once :laughing: :rofl:
Do you spray the plants with anything?

Thanks for chipping in.

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This is the only thing that stands out. Pretty hard? As in loaded ppm wise? Do you have any readings on it?

Also vitamin c to soften it? Doesnt sound conducive… actually adding to already hard water dont help. Are u letting it sit out to air for 24 hours before use? Thatll handle the chlorine. Nothing except adding lower ppm water or an RO machine would really ‘soften’ it for intended uses.


I stand correctd! Haha

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This was actually my first thought. How are you measuring pH?